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Club Junior: Activities, Entertainment and Connection for Kids, by Kids

Esther Pransky June 24, 2020

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Listen up, kids, because this one’s for you!

You loved watching Rylee and Nathalie on Nosh & Nibble. You sent in 1600 (!!) cooking videos for the MyKosher kids’ contest! You’re ready to stop watching adult shows over your mother’s shoulder and be part of content created just for you.

(Ok, you can still watch over your mother’s shoulder, too.)

That’s why we are so excited to introduce the all-new Club Junior from Mishpacha Jr., brought to you by Kosher.com.

What’s Club Junior?

Club Junior is a fun, new show that will connect kids like you from all around the world with activities and entertainment.

Each show is 20–30 minutes long, and most of them have two parts.

One part is a craft or activity that you can follow along and do at home, like:

  • Woodworking
  • Fun with food (featuring some of our incredible MyKosher contest entrants)
  • Lego building by jbrick (Remember those amazing lego menorahs in Mishpacha Jr.?)
  • Crafts by Chaye Biderman (You know her from Mishpacha Jr., too!)

The second part is entertainment, including:

  • A virtual tour of Israel with Mishpacha Magazine’s Rabbi Ephraim Schwartz
  • Serial stories from Mishpacha Jr.’s Yehuda Bromberg
  • Real-life stories from Nachman Seltzer
  • Contests, games, and tons of prizes!

And here’s the best part: You won’t be just watching the show.

Club Junior is hosted by kids, for kids. (Special tip: Watch out for the amazing Jr. Reporter hosts in each episode!) So, you, too, can be a part of the action by submitting pictures of the crafts you created and winning fantastic prizes from Toys 2 Discover.

Details that parents like to know

Ok, parents, we know you have lots of practical questions. Here are the details you want about Club Junior:

  • Club Junior starts on July 6, with two episodes a week for eight weeks.
  • The shows are geared towards elementary age kids, both boys and girls.
  • You’ll find Club Junior on Kosher.com’s Show page.
  • We’ll be sending out emails with more details closer to the first episode. Not on our email list? Sign up here!
  • When relevant, we will send out supply lists in advance. The supplies will be things you can buy in your local dollar (or similar) store.

More info that parents like to know

How did Club Junior come about?

When Chanie Nayman, Kosher.com editor-in-chief, saw the response to the MyKosher Kids’ Cooking Contest, she realized that kids were eager for their content and engagement.

“Kids watch Kosher.com a lot, with their mothers, or their mothers put it on for them,” explains Chanie. “It creates an environment in the family where we’re all in this together. We all like the same thing.”

Chanie turned to Kosher.com’s partner, Mishpacha Magazine, to help develop the kids’ content. Michal Frischman, consultant for Kosher.com and Chief of Staff at Mishpacha’s U.S. office, came on board to manage the project. “Michal and I have been speaking multiple times a day,” says Chanie. “We’re sure that you and your kids are going to love the amazing results.”

Back to you, kids!

Now that the summer is here, you’re going to have more time on your hands. Club Junior is made for YOU to have fun and be a part of a community of kids from across the globe.

Watch out for the first episode of Club Junior on July 6. We can’t wait to see you be a part of the action!