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Color Coded Quality Kosher Utensils- Meet The Kosher Cook

August 3, 2023

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Walk down the aisle of any kosher grocery or supermarket, and the sheer variety of kosher food options that is available these days will astound you. The kosher consumer is a savvy one, with more and more home cooks experimenting with gourmet dishes in the kitchen. Another line of products that is found in most kosher markets and homes is The Kosher Cook, a high-quality kitchen utensil company, instantly recognizable by their color-coded products. No longer do you have to wonder which utensils are meant for dairy, meat, or pareve, since every product is clearly marked.

Kosher Cook products were recently featured in Season Two of the famous Kosher.com show, Skill’It Cutthroat, and producers and contestants have been raving about the products on and off set.

“Having Kosher Cook be part of Skill’It was a match made in heaven,” says David Whittemore, executive producer of the show. “The fact that we had quality color-coded utensils ready for the contestants to grab in the heat of the moment without having to worry about toiveling elevated the competition even more. In a high-pressure environment, every moment makes a difference. Our contestants were able to quickly grab the utensils they needed, ensuring no time was wasted.”

he Kosher Cook’s most unique claim to fame is the fact that their items do not require toiveling. This time-saving fact is possible since Kosher Cook products have been manufactured in a facility that is owned by a Jew. In 2015, the owners of the Kosher Cook saw a need for a kosher high-end kitchen utensil product that would rival mainstream kitchen brands in quality. They started by manufacturing their famous color coded knives in a top facility.

No detail was overlooked and no corners were cut to bring the highest quality product to the market. For example, every single knife receives an extra sharpening by hand after it is manufactured. A rav was on hand through the entire manufacturing process to ensure all went well.

The hard work paid off as rave reviews started to pour in from consumers. The response to that first run was enormous, and Kosher Cook has not stopped innovating since. The Kosher Cook now boasts a full line of kitchen utensils and tools.

According to Moshe Nafisi, the well-loved Skill’It contestant who returned from Season One, “The knives are very sharp and they cut well. Everything that we used from Kosher Cook’s utensils was very spot on.”

Says Noah Nathan, the now famous vegetarian contestant on Skill’It Cutthroat, “The Kosher Cook products were so cool, I even took a few things home. We use the pareve knives all the time, as well as the dairy scrubber. We also love the meat brush for Shabbat use. A friend of mine swears by the peeler. It’s a really sharp and great product.”

With a focus on not only quality, but also design, the Kosher Cook has addressed a need the kosher consumer did not even realize existed; indeed, they created an entire niche market within the kosher community.

With a full, expanded line of products, including bakeware, cookware, and cutting boards, it’s obvious that this is only the beginning for the brand. Newest on the roster for summer 2023 is their grilling line- high quality BBQ grilling utensils- no toiveling necessary!

Special offer for Kosher.com subscribers only! Use code Skillit15 on The Kosher Cook for 15% off your order!