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Design Tips for Your Shavuot Table

Kosher.com Staff June 5, 2019

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A table is like a blank canvas waiting to be transformed into a work of art. There are three elements to focus on when designing a table: texture, color and dimension. It takes some trial and error to get all three to complement each other. We’ll walk you through our thought process for creating perfect tablescapes for Shavuot.



Designed by Stems Flowers and Decor @creativestems



Texture in a cloth will create an overall vibe. For both tablescapes we chose an elegant velvet textured cloth.



Being that we were setting a dairy Kiddush table we introduced a more casual texture in the white crisp burlap napkin. The knotted napkin is simple to do and added a casual touch.



The wavy design on the vases of both tablescapes are coordinated with the cloths as well. Textures can also be introduced in the dishes, glassware, flatware and serving pieces. Note the marble cake trays.


Color, when done right, can be the easiest tool to use. It’s also a great way to balance the overall look.



We used blues in the first tablescape and added pops of pinks in the florals. We added a stem of pink lisianthus at every place setting as a personal touch.


Note the three pitchers filled with drinks create an ombre look and coordinate with the tri-color babka on the other end of the table. All the pastries were iced in browns and whites as well.



For the yellow floral tablescape we focused more on the florals, introducing a range of soft shades and flowers. We contrasted the yellow a little with yellowish greens to add a little pop rather than using bright yellows. We used a mix of flowers and fillers, each set in their own vase.



Dimension is a simple way to add interest to the table. We used vases of varied sizes in both tablescapes, and selected a babka and cheese tart of different heights, which is more pronounced when placed side by side.




Cake stands and footed serving bowls are a great way to introduce height to the table as well.



For more inspiration, watch One Stem at a Time, the new show that will teach you how to create simple, elegant, and breathtaking tablescapes!