Dini Klein’s “Israeli Cuisine” Mishloach Manot

Dini Klein March 12, 2024

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Sponsored by Gefen

Theme: Israeli Cuisine

‘Tis the season for Mishloach Manot, and I’m using some of my favorite Gefen products to prepare the ultimate gift. For those who aren’t familiar, Mishloach Manot are food or drink gift packages that we prepare and give out during the upcoming Jewish holiday of Purim

Sometimes we like to get fancy and create a theme. This year, all I can think about is Israel and the love I have for my hometown, so we’re making the ultimate Israeli breakfast. 

Who doesn’t love Israeli breakfast? Gather all the goods (Gefen makes the best Israeli pickles in brine and delicious Israeli olives at a great price point!) and assemble a really fun bento-box-style gift. It’s almost like you’re meal prepping breakfast for loved ones, and that’s the ultimate gift if you ask me. 

Happy Purim, friends. May we see miracles and only blessings. 

Check out my Gefen-themed Mishloach Manot below and get ready to be inspired!

What You Will Need:

Divided serving tray

Cotton storage bags with drawstrings

Israel stickers

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