Don’t Stress! These Passover Caterers Can Cook For You!

Kosher.com Staff March 24, 2020

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We know this Pesach isn’t how most of you pictured it would be, and we want to make it as stress-free as possible for you.


Whether this is your first year making Pesach or you’re a total pro, we can all use a little help now and then. So we’ve created this extensive list of caterers, private chefs and at home bakers who offer Pesach food and can make your cooking experience (or lack of) a total breeze.


If anyone else would like to be included on this list, please comment below with as much info as you can provide.


*Please contact each caterer directly to inquire about hashgachas.


Name: Naomi Nachman

Where: Five Towns

Instagram: @naominachman

Contact: 917-331-0259 or [email protected]


Name: Kosher Elevated

Where: Tri-state area

Website: https://kosherelevated.com/services

Contact: 347-669-9894 or [email protected]

More info: Chef comes down to your kitchen to cook and stock your fridge/freezer. Limited daily spots, call for availability. Menu is custom-made for each client. 


Name: Alibabka

Where: Columbus, Ohio

Instagram: @alibabka

Contact: [email protected]

More info: March 24 is the deadline for all orders.

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Name: Catering by Andrew

Where: Brookline, Massachusetts

Instagram: @catering_by_andrew

Contact: [email protected]

More info: Hashgacha is KVH – part of the rabbinical council of New England. We hand deliver throughout the greater Boston area and will ship nationwide.

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Name: Mottis Kosher Cuisine

Where: Tri-state area

Instagram: @mottiskoshercuisine

Contact: 718-744-7914 or [email protected]

More info: We will deliver within the tri-state area for free with a minimum order of $500. We are under the Tarnopol hashgacha (Rabbi Babad). Last day to place orders is March 31.

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Name: Elite Caterers

Where: Lawrence, New York

Instagram: @elitecaterers

Contact: 718-337-6600


Name: The Frank Chef

Where: Chicago, Illinois

Instagram: @thefrankchef

Contact: https://www.thefrankchef.com/contact

More info: In-home cooking with customized menus.


Name: Chef Zevi

Where: Brooklyn, New York

Instagram: @chefzevi

Contact: 347-668-6987


Name: Greenwald Caterers

Where: Lakewood, New Jersey. Delivery to the Five Towns, Monsey, Philadelphia, and Brooklyn.

Instagram: @greenwaldcaterers

Contact: 732-370-8300 or [email protected]

More info: Last day to order is March 30. Kcl hashgacha.



Name: Iced By Goldie

Where: Far Rockaway, New York

Instagram: @icedbygoldie

Contact: Text 917-435-9076 or email [email protected]

Website: www.icedbygoldie.design


Name: Whisk Taker Chef

Where: Five Towns

Instagram: @whisktakerchef

Contact: 516-724-3547

More info: Last day to order is March 26.

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Name: Elegant Desserts NY

Where: Brooklyn, New York. Ships nationwide.

Instagram: @elegantdessertsny

Contact: 718-388-1323

More info: Deadline for all orders is March 30.


Name: Main Event Mauzone

Where: Hackensack, New Jersey

Instagram: @main_event_mauzone

Contact: 201-894-8710

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Name: Miami Kosher Catering

Where: Miami, Florida

Instagram: @miami_kosher_caterers_

Contact: 845-521-2340 or [email protected]


Name: Sweet Treats Bakerie

Where: Brooklyn, New York

Instagram: @sweettreatsbakerie

Contact: 917-907-1614

More info: Only sells desserts.


Name: The Trusty Baker

Where: Los Angeles, California

Instagram: @thetrustybaker

Contact: Message on Instagram

More info: Only sells desserts.      


Name: The Cooking Artist

Where: Los Angeles, California

Instagram: @thecookingartist_

Contact: Message on Instagram

More info: Customized menus.


Name: Sharmel Caterers

Where: Five Towns area, in addition to two pickup locations in Oceanside and Far Rockaway 

Contact: 516-766-2700 or [email protected]

Website: https://sharmelcaterers.com/contact-us/

More info: All orders must be placed before March 30.



Name: Prestige Caterers

Where: Woodmere, New York

Instagram: @prestige_caterers

Contact: 718-464-8400

More info: Order deadline is April 2.


Name: Ram Caterers

Where: Westbury, New York

Instagram: @ramcaterers

Contact: 516-997-4000


Name: Pesach With Bordeaux

Where: Brooklyn, NY

Instagram: @pesach_with_bordeaux

Contact: 347-699-6120 or [email protected]

More info: Orders must be placed by March 26.



Name: Meisner’s Gourmet Catering

Where: Lawrence, New York

Instagram: @meisners_5towns

Contact: 516-569-6411