Dreidel Cake with Edible “Sand” Art

Esther Ottensoser November 30, 2020

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Create this pretty rainbow dreidel cake using crushed fruit loops as “edible sand.” I love that making the sand is a fun and entertaining activity in itself.


Use your favorite cake recipe or you can even purchase ready-made sheet cake at your local bakery. You can cut one large cake or you can make a smaller one for each child.


You will need:


  • Fruit loops
  • Gallon-size freezer ziptop bags
  • Frosted cake, cut into a dreidel shape (a firm cake that is flat on top will work best)



Sort the colors into separate bowls. (This is a great activity for the little ones.)

Place each color in a separate bag.


Release the air and crush until finely ground.  You can use a rolling pin to help crush them.

Use the colored “sand” to create a pretty pattern on your dreidel cake.


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Author: Esther Ottensoser

Editorial: Rachel Kor

Photography: Hudi Greenberger