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How to Throw a Stunning Summer Sheva Brachot

Esther Ottensoser June 26, 2019

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It’s exhilarating to be part of close family and friends’ simchos. The month of June has been especially exciting as my family and I joined in many close family weddings. My goal in planning a Sheva Brachos for each new young couple is to create a special and memorable occasion. As so many of us have myriads of responsibilities, it can often seem challenging or overwhelming to pull all the details together.


Utilizing the services of many different vendors can alleviate much of the potential stress of planning a simcha.


Scroll down to see all of the wonderful vendors and services I used to pull this Sheva Brachos together. Pick and choose from all of the ideas to fit your budget, taste and time constraints. For some it may be overwhelming to wash all the tablecloths, others may enjoy the cooking but putting together a special dessert may seem daunting….



Images by Prime Images Photography.





After figuring out my floor space, a rough idea of the seating arrangements, and the look I was going for, my next step was to check out B and B Tent and Party Rentals website. I used their 36-inch wide tables, which are wider than your typical folding table. If you are planning a banquet style simcha, these tables are an excellent choice!


The wooden cross-back chair was a perfect choice for my outdoor summer party.



I used 18-inch wide tables for the sweet table. I raised the back table to make it look more grand.



As exciting as it is to plan a party, I always try to keep the “aftermath” in mind. When the party is done, I like to get everything out of my house as quickly as possible. I used these perfectly clean and pressed tablecloths and napkins from La Tableau. From sophisticated to simple, you will find a large variety of linens in many colors, textures, and sizes. Delivery and pickup is available in the tri-state area as well!



Speaking of the “aftermath”, using plastic dishes doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the ambiance. Some of my favorite new designs from Blue Sky Trading include the new stone collection and angled bowls used for the salad.


I added the sticker initial to the top of the bowl for personalization.



I always love adding a pop of color using a colored glass. These smoky black glasses were from Prop 2 Party- Prop Rental and added the perfect subtle, yet bold touch.



I purchased these placemats on Amazon.



Devory, of Daphnes Petals showed up at my house with buckets filled with the most magnificent and unique flowers and got to work. Her love and flair for flowers was evident in the beautiful displays she created.




On a personal note, I was super excited with the way she styled The EstherO Flower Wall.




What my customers love most about this product is that very few flowers are needed to make a gorgeous presentation.


And when I’m looking for the perfect finishing touches, I can always count on The Stamp Studio to help me complete any project. The sharp-looking menus, favor tags and food signs added so much to the overall decor.






I wrapped a baguette and napkin together with a black ribbon and stuck a fresh twig of rosemary inside. I added garlic infused oil in mini jars and attached them with twine. I also placed a sticker initial on each bottle for more personalization. 



Everyone enjoys shortcuts while planning a party. Knowing that I wanted to start with a healthy and delicious salad, I contacted The Green Bowl to order some of their popular salads. What I loved about the service was how organized and neatly labeled all the fresh salad components came (and of course the delicious taste!).




Seasons Lakewood is the best-kept secret for takeout food, or so I thought… It seems like everyone knows that Seasons is known for the most scrumptious (homemade-tasting) takeout food. Chef Bob prepared the most delicious main course. All of my guests told me that the food was so delicious – they felt like they were in a high-end restaurant!



How do you end a grand feast? With a grand dessert, of course!


Often by the time it is time to serve dessert, counter space is limited. I like to serve a dessert that is easy to serve, yet looks amazing! With this in mind, I had The Cookie Corner Bake Shoppe make me the most beautiful individual mousse cups. I placed them on rectangle plates with some greenery and a gold spoon to compliment the edible gold on the mousse.



The sweet table: How appropriately named?



I chose the most beautiful and delicious mousse cakes from The Choco Shoppe. My family has been talking about these cakes since the last simcha I used them for.



To round out the dessert, I chose the most decadent miniatures from The Nuttery. From s’mores, to mini tarts to chocolate tea cups… everyone enjoyed sampling them.



All of the desserts were displayed on beautiful white dishes from Prop 2 Party- Prop Rental.


Fresh diced strawberry and blueberry cups were neatly set up on The EstherO Cupcake Wall with a removable vinyl decal with the couple’s monogram.





Cookie Dough Bar


“Who stole the cookie dough from the mixing bowl”?!?!


No need for that anymore! Legal cookie dough snacking has finally arrived. New to the kosher world, Shana Zeiger of Incredoughble is now selling edible cookie dough.


The cookie dough is egg-free, made with heat-treated flour, and completely safe to indulge in!



Small monogrammed acrylic boxes with mini spoons attached were lined up on either side of the cookie dough flavors. They were supplied by Shana Zeiger of Incredoughble and can be purchased from Blue Sky Trading.



I hope these ideas and tips will help you enjoy the party (and even the preparation)!



Thank you to all the incredible vendors involved: