Drinks We Can’t Get Enough Of This Passover

Kosher.com Staff March 22, 2023

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There’s nothing like a refreshing drink on Passover. Either during a long Yom Tov day inside, or out on a Chol Hamoed trip, with all the food limitations there are over the holiday, make sure there’s no shortage in the beverage department.

This year we’re stocking our fridge with lots of amazing beverages for both kids and adults, from lemonade and pomegranate juice to apple juice boxes and iced tea.

Take a look at the thirst-quenching drinks below and start stocking your fridge too!

Gefen Apple & Grape Juice Boxes

A twist on something sweet, Gefen Juice Boxes are made with real fruit juice for a deliciously sunny, smile-inducing taste that truly refreshes. Cool & Creative: Freeze ‘em to enjoy a refreshing slushy beverage on the go.

Tuscanini Sparking Sicilian Lemonade

Sparkling Lemon Soda is a refreshing addition to the acclaimed Italian brand’s soft drink collection. With a perfect balance of tangy lemon and lively bubbles, this beverage delivers a zesty burst of Sicilian freshly squeezed sun-drenched citrus. Subtle aromatic notes of bergamot complement the lemon flavor, creating a layered taste profile that is both invigorating and satisfying. Mix it with your favorite cocktail or enjoy it in a glass of its own.

Kedem Mini Grape Juice

An all-time kids’ favorite, Kedem 100% Grape Juice is packed with vitamin C, making it the perfect healthy thirst quencher with the delicious, sweet taste of grape.

Kedem Mini LIGHT Apple Juice

Kedem 100% Apple Juice has the delicious taste you grew up on and the vitamin C nutrition you need. Enjoy the refreshing blast of apples in every sip — only with half the sugar.

Heaven & Earth Pomegranate Juice

Indulge in a burst of nature’s power with every sip of our 100% Pure Pomegranate Juice. Packed with antioxidants and nutrients, it’s not just a drink, it’s a health elixir. Elevate your daily routine with the tangy and sweet taste of pomegranate. It’s Heaven!

Heaven & Earth Iced Tea & Lemonade

The party kicks off with the arrival of the Black Iced Tea, known for its cool and invigorating brew. The Half & Half Lemonade puts a new spin on this classic favorite by infusing smooth, full-bodied black tea with a zesty lemony flavor. Things really start to cool up as the lemonade struts in. Sweetened with natural apple juice — never sugar — the H&E Lemonade passes itself off as the better half of its half & half counterpart. The jury is still out; you deliver the verdict.