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It’s Our Birthday: Here Are Our Top Most Memorable Moments So Far

Kosher.com Staff December 28, 2020

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Happy birthday to us! We can’t believe it’s already our 4th birthday- we’ve come a long way from when we first started out just four short years ago. We’ve seen many of our recipes go viral on our website and on social media, we’ve introduced you to new and exciting trends (hello cheerio donuts), and launched multiple hit shows that have been watched over and over again by our amazing followers.

Kosher.com has become an incredible space for foodies to gather and binge watch kosher cooking shows featuring their favorite food personalities, chefs, and kid stars in the kitchen. Our lifestyle section has evolved into so much more than just recipe roundups and menus and has become a haven of kids crafts, table décor, resources for everyday, as well as news on the kosher world and beyond. Our recipe section has over 8,400 insanely delicious recipes from your favorite food websites, magazines and most sought-after cookbooks, and our social media platform has grown to almost 80k followers across all of our platforms (!!!). 

But if we had to choose a few of our most memorable moments from over the past 4 years, these are the ones that stand out the most! Go make yourself a cup of hot cocoa (don’t forget the cocoa bombs) and enjoy!

Food Fight:



Food Fight was the first ever in-print and online kosher women’s food competition. It was fun, interactive, and was a new way to get some of the most creative kosher food minds to step out of their comfort zones in a big way. With an awesome incentive and some delicious secret ingredients, thousands of viewers tuned in to watch each episode. It was a blast to film and watch; in case you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here!



It was the show everyone tuned in to watch over the summer of 2019. Four chefs faced off in a nail-biting, white-knuckle contest hosted by the hilarious comedian and actor Elon Gold, who added a dash of humor to lighten the tension, grit and passion that the chefs brought to the table. The contest kept everyone glued to their screens, hungry and laughing. 

Passover 2020:


Last year’s Passover season was well, unexpected. We planned all of our content months before the season, and couldn’t possibly predict all the limitations and curveballs Covid would bring. There were no large get-togethers or traveling to Pesach programs and there was chaos at the grocery stores. The way our team pulled together so many resources and articles in such little time is something we’ll never forget. From grocery lists, substitution guides (for products that were no longer available), menus and planners, to tips for newbies and ways to keep your kids busy while at home. We brought you every single resource you could’ve possibly needed to make the holiday happen. 

In case you missed any of it and want to look at everything for this year, we gathered everything in this ultimate Pesach roundup!



When the idea for myKosher.com started to take shape, it was clear what we wanted; a place where everyone could share their crazy food ideas, where you could find that someone has the exact same adventurous palate as you, where you could eat with your eyes, but also save the recipe for later! We are living in a foodie world!
It was an ambitious idea. Anyone, anywhere could submit any number of recipes to our site! And we wanted to see them all. The traditional, the unusual—there’s room for everything at the great table of the internet! And that’s what makes myKosher.com so exciting! We love sharing food with people, even virtually, and part of what makes the Kosher.com community so vibrant is that we are sharing with people who love food as much as we do! You can now find all of the myKosher recipes in its own special section under our recipes tab.

Nosh & Nibble:


We’ve seen a new era of kids’ cooking on Kosher.com. They’ve taken center stage and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see that unfold, particularly in our kids cooking show Nosh & Nibble. In 2019, we collaborated with PJ library to reach out to children and engage them in fun kosher cooking, kitchen hacks, and cool crafts. We’ve had 3 superstar kids appear on the series so far and can’t wait for our next kid stars to be born in the coming years.
Cheerio Donuts:


2020 was the year of many things, food trends among them – particularly mini foods. So it’s not surprising that our Cheerio donuts (also featured in this awesome winter craft) was such a big hit on kosher.com! It combines our love of getting kids involved in the kitchen, playing with your food, and let’s face it, they are downright adorable. Along with many other food trends we featured this year, these were hands-down one of our favorites.



One major thing we’ve learned over the years is that you want easy dinner recipes you can make in a pinch! Which is why it’s no surprise that our “What’s for Dinner” WhatsApp group that we launched in 2019 has become such a huge success with 5,800 subscribers to date! We hand-pick one easy dinner recipe and send it to your phone daily! Have you joined yet?? If not, you can sign up here!


Kosher Cooking Shows:



It’s easy to take for granted, but sometimes we forget that 4 years ago, we became the ONLY platform creating professionally produced KOSHER food television. This opened up a whole new world for recipes, cooking, and entertainment. Stars like Naomi Nachman, Esty Wolbe, Danielle Renov, Rorie Weisberg and more have, in many ways, made Kosher.com what it is today. And viewers just can’t get enough (nor can we)!

Well, that’s a wrap on the last 4 years. We look forward to growing with you and hope to bring you lots of inspiration, delicious recipes, and wonderful memories into your homes! 

~The kosher.com family~