Elevate Your Next Shul Kiddush With These Beautiful Food Presentations

Rachel Kor March 2, 2024

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Sponsored by Old Williamsburg

With so many Shul Kiddushim happening every week, in almost every city across the country, we thought it was about time we shared a couple of new and beautiful food presentations that are sure to impress and bring your Shabbat simcha to new heights.

We created two ideas that come together in no time with the help of a must-have ingredient, beef jerky! Not only is beef jerky super popular right now, it’s also so versatile. Gone are the days when jerky is just packed for a road trip. Take a look below and see how we were inspired to use it for fancier occasions, too. 

1. Kiddush Jerky Board

This jerky board exudes elegance and class. We chose a wooden board to give off a more masculine look, and we paired it with Old Williamsburg Whiskey for the perfect Kiddush experience. 

After choosing a board to place all the food on, choose the accompanying foods. Along with an abundance of beef jerky, we added dried and fresh fruits, olives, pickles, nuts, spreads, and rosemary garnishes to pull it all together.

2. Kiddush Jerky Cones

Now for a more feminine look. This cone display from Amazon does all the hard work for you. We used beef jerky, dried and fresh fruits, olives, and rosemary as a garnish here too, but feel free to use anything you like. With some fresh flowers and a dreamy draped tablecloth, you’ve got yourself the perfect set-up for a Shabbat Kallah, Bat Mitzvah, or even Sheva Brachot.

Why Old Williamsburg Beef Jerky?

1. Flavorful Variety

Old Williamsburg Beef Jerky comes in a variety of flavors, from Cherry Cola, Pepper-Crusted, and Smoked BBQ to Sweet Chipotle and Teriyaki. By incorporating different flavors of beef jerky onto your meat board, you can offer your guests a wide range of taste experiences to enjoy. Whether they prefer something savory, sweet, or spicy, there’s a beef jerky flavor to suit every palate.

2. Tender and Juicy

Unlike other beef jerkies on the market that are dry and chewy, Old Williamsburg jerky is juicy, as it’s made from tender cuts of brisket. With Old Williamsburg beef jerky, you’ll get big, succulent bites that have the best taste and texture. 

3. Convenient and Low-Maintenance

Unlike other meats that require cooking or refrigeration, beef jerky in general is shelf-stable and requires no preparation. This makes it incredibly convenient for party hosts, as you can simply open the package and arrange the jerky on your meat board.

4. Designed to Last

Unlike perishable meats, which can spoil if left out for too long, beef jerky is designed to last. This makes it ideal for a Kiddush where guests may be grazing over an extended period of time. 

5. Adds Texture and Visual Appeal

In addition to its delicious flavor, Old Williamsburg beef jerky adds texture and visual appeal to your meat board. Just by looking at it one can see how juicy it is, which makes the entire presentation beautiful.

6. Complements Other Flavors

Beef jerky’s bold, savory flavor profile complements a wide range of other foods commonly found at a Shul Kiddush, whether that be fresh fruits and veggies, salads, nuts, or even wine and whiskey! Beef jerky + Kiddush go hand-in-hand.

All too often, Shul Kiddushim consist of the same boring crackers, salsa, and jarred gefilte fish. Well, with these beef jerky set-ups, that’ll be a thing of the past. 

We hope you use our creations as a springboard to create something special for your next Kiddush!

Styling and Design By Sara Daskal

Photography By Isaac Kaufman