A Detailed Look Into Nitza’s Ralph Lauren Inspired Sukkah

Sima Kazarnovsky September 20, 2023

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Sponsored by Sukkah Posters and Luxe

Nitza’s cozy Southwestern cabin harmonizes English country charm and Ralph Lauren-esque elegance. With textured walls, draped curtains, and a gallery wall of Judaica art, Nitza’s finesse transforms her sukkah into an inviting abode. Amidst Spode chinaware and classic silver candelabras, the blend of tradition and modernity creates a cozy sanctuary.

The Sukkah Poster Wall

The rustic-looking wooden wall seems detail oriented, vintage, and something that takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish. But surprisingly, it is pretty simple to create this aesthetic. On sukkahposters.com, you can choose from a multitude of different prints and sizes to decorate your sukkah walls, but Nitza opted to do a custom order. She told them her dimensions, chose her artwork, and the impressive wall was made. The gallery wall consists of simple Judaic prints from a stock website that were placed into various sized wooden frames. Elegant, classy, and minimalist.

The Home Decor

Although they seem unnecessary, Nitza points out that the rugs and light fixtures found in her sukkah transform the space into a cozy and warm environment where your family members will enjoy gathering. Plus, the chandeliers have been placed in her sukkah year after year, even as her theme changes. Her rug is also a neutral print that was inexpensive and easily adaptable to many different decor styles.

Wall Of Hats

This detail might just be my favorite. We all know what the introduction of suit jackets and black hats will do to any beautifully set table. It distracts. It clutters. It maybe annoys us a teeny bit. Nitza ingeniously created a solution that also happens to fit into her Southwestern lodge theme. A shelf of knobs lines the walls and acts as a perfect resting place for any outer garments that don’t seem to belong anywhere else. Functional and beautiful at the same time.

The Furniture

Last but not least, we have the furniture in the sukkah. Arguably, this detail might be the most important. We can all appreciate a beautifully decorated scene, but residing comfortably is a detail that trumps all. Nitza acquired her majestic wooden table, cozy club chairs, and a beautiful buffet from luxerental.com.

As a side note, a narrow buffet can double as a dessert table or a wine table, too. It might be worth adding one to your sukkah for the extra counter space it allows.

Nitza then proceeded to tie the space together with expertly placed throw pillows, blankets, and scented candles. Her elegant and subtle flowers from Primrose complemented her theme without detracting from any of the details.

Gazing at the final look that Nitza accomplished finds our eyes popping and our mouths dropping into a soft exclamation of “wow.” Nitza really manages to transform the hut we are meant to dwell in for a week into a masterpiece for the senses.

Watch the full episode here and see how Nitza sets her table with beautiful china and traditional candelabras along a backdrop of distressed and tribal patterns.