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Enter Our “Rainbow Reboot Challenge” With Rivka Golombeck!

Rivka Golombeck April 20, 2023

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We all know the expression, “eat the rainbow”, and we know that colorful fruits and vegetables are packed with good-for-you, tasty nutrients.

But sometimes, it’s hard to fit them into our day. They take time to prep. Our kids won’t eat them. We don’t know how to prepare them, etc.

Well, Kosher.com & health coach Rivka Golombeck are teaming up and inviting you to participate in our Fruit and Vegetable Challenge!

So what is the Rainbow Reboot Challenge?

Think of it as a hybrid between a challenge (where we’re all in this together as a team), and a contest (where you can win an AMAZING prize at the end).

Here’s How It Works:

All you need to do is choose at least 5 challenges from the list on our printable below, and complete them by May 1st! You’ll find that they are split into two convenient categories. Feel free to mix and match from the list, and most importantly, HAVE FUN WITH IT!

You can download the printable version of Rainbow Reboot Challenges HERE! We suggest you hang it up in your kitchen, office, or anywhere you’ll see it often.

How to Enter:

During the week of April 23-29, complete at least 5 challenges total and email us at [email protected] to let us know which challenges you’ve completed. Five winners will be chosen at random to win the prizes below! Deadline to submit your entry is May 1st.


~Free 45-minute coaching session with Rivka (1 winner)
~Free access to “Healthy. Fit. Free.” course- $300 value (2 winners)
~Rivka’s Healthy Living Meal Plan- $47 value (2 winners)

Click here to sign up for emails with recipes, tips, and reminders during the week of the challenge to help you succeed!

We’ll be sending you 5 emails throughout the week with tips and information about fruits and vegetables, and how to make the challenge more successful. Keep an eye out for them in your inbox!

We’re so excited to take on this fun, and healthy challenge with all of you! Let’s do this!