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How To Keep Your Flowers Fresh- Tips From Primrose Flower Shop

How To Keep Your Flowers Fresh- Tips From Primrose Flower Shop

We’re all likely to have some fresh flowers in our homes over Shavuot. Whether you’ll have multiple arrangements around the house, or one simple arrangement on your dining room table, we could all use some tips for making sure our beautiful blooms stay fresher for longer.


We spoke to the incredibly talented Primrose Flower Shop about how to keep arrangements healthy and long lasting, and they had some amazing tips to share. 


Scroll through the Instagram feed of Primrose and you’ll understand why they’re a favorite of ours. We have used them for multiple holiday tables and they did not disappoint! When you order from Primrose, not only will you get the most beautiful flower arrangement, but you also get an experience and quality that is hard to match. The team at Primrose spends a lot of time making sure that you’re getting quality flowers. “From researching suppliers and conditioning each stem. Everything we do is to maintain the beauty and longevity of your flowers.”


If you are in the NY/NJ area, treat yourself our someone you love to a Primrose arrangement this Shavuot!



Once your flowers are cut and in a beautiful vase, the most important thing you can do is focus on the water in your vase.


Below are Primrose’s tips!



1. Each flower has an ideal water temperature at which it lasts best, but using room temperature is usually a safe bet.


2. Soft-stemmed flowers, such as tulips, daffodils, and hyacinths need cold water.


3. Hydrangeas need a lot of water to stay alive. They drink both through their stems and through their petals, so make sure there’s plenty of water in the vase. Mist their heads with water daily to help them stay hydrated.


4. The worst flower killer is decaying leaves in your vase. Clean leaves off the stems before putting them into water, and fish out any that may have fallen into the vase.


5. Do not put the entire packet of flower food in your flower vase. A very small amount of flower food is all that is necessary. 


6. Putting roses and peonies into warm water will cause the bloom to open quickly. For a slower bloom, place in very cold water.


7. Potted orchids need very little water. They do best when given about 1/3 of a cup of water weekly. Too much water will cause the roots to grow mold and decay.


8. Shave hydrangea stems with a knife. If your hydrangeas wilt, you can dunk the whole head in cold water for 10 minutes and it may revive. You cannot do this with any other flower. Once a flower dies or wilts it cannot be revived.


9. Ever heard of the hack to put aspirin in your vase? Skip it, it doesn’t work!


10. Changing the water in your vase every two days is really the most important thing!



There you have it! Now it’s time to either make your own arrangement or order from Primrose.


Chag Sameach!