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Equipment Comparisons: Immersion Blender

Esther Kurtz March 27, 2024

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Immersive Experience

Did you know that there are seriously mature adults who call immersion blenders zhuzhers in earnest? Do they still call trains choo-choos? Are cars vroom-vroom-beep-beeps? Okay, I’ll stop. Call it what you want, immersion, stick, or zhuzher, blenders are a total game changer in the blending game. They’re the “save a trip, we’ll come to you” service in the kitchen, which is a blessing.

I tested the top-rated immersion blenders Amazon has to offer. Among them are budget options, the Bentley-level Braun, and a range in between. Let’s see which blend is the best for your buck.

Testing, Testing

1. I used each blender to puree a potato leek soup, and I also tested how well it blended frozen strawberries with a little added liquid.

2. I observed the weight, exertion, comfort, and noise as well as blending capabilities.

3. I washed and stored the blenders to see how easily it cleaned and how much space it took up.


Price: $24.99

Stars: 3.5

Notes: Cheap, speed dial, heaviest of all, noise level: medium. Comes with a cup.


Price: $16.99

Stars: 4.2

Notes: Average plus across the board. Solid budget choice.


Price: $12.99

Stars: 3

Notes: You get what you pay for. Bulky, noisy, heavy, no turbo mode.


Price: $39.99

Stars: 4

Notes: Comes with a whisk and mini food processor blade and cup. Hardest of all to detach the shaft from the motor.

Peach Street

Price: $16.99

Stars: 3.8

Notes: Narrow handle, vibrates in use, only has one speed plus turbo.


Price: $50.84

Stars: 4.5

Notes: Can be a little heavy, but it’s the same relative to all others, quiet even in turbo mode. Comes with a cup. Pricier.

Overall Winner: Braun

Wait, don’t just take this winner and run with it. When it comes to extreme performance and noise, yes, this was the best. But most of us don’t need that much out of our immersion blenders. I have a Braun that I got married with that’s still perfect, but I also have a $10 immersion blender that I bought for fleishigs over 10 years ago and it’s also still perfect. They all took up the same space, cleaning was the same, and they all basically weighed the same too. If price is a consideration, make a different choice.

Tip: Please, please, please, the second you’re done blending, unplug it, and remove the blade shaft. Hatzolah and emergency rooms everywhere thank you in advance.

Originally featured in Mishpacha Magazine.