Family Table Passover 2020 Magazine (Free Download)

Kosher.com Staff April 1, 2020

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We all experience some stress from making Passover, and this year is no different. With everything going on around us we’ve made it our mission to create amazing pieces of helpful and encouraging content for you. You can find everything you need to make Passover 2020 in this Pesach Possible roundup.

Today we are so excited to offer you another piece of AMAZING content, this time from Mishpacha’s Family Table. The team over at Family Table wants to help make this Passover as easy as possible for you, so they were so incredibly gracious enough to provide us with their Passover 2020 supplement to download for FREE!

Inside, you’ll find tips for making your first Passover, a shopping guide, brand new recipes, and lots more!

Click below for your free download.