Shavuot Recipes Kids Can Help Make!

Rachel Kor May 29, 2024

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What better way to celebrate Shavuot than by involving the whole family, especially the kids, in the kitchen? Cooking together not only creates lasting memories but also teaches children valuable skills and instills a love for the holiday they’re cooking for..

This recipe roundup is designed with families in mind, featuring fun and easy-to-make desserts where little hands can make a big difference. Imagine the joy on your children’s faces as they help assemble decadent Lotus ice cream sandwiches, press down the crust for a chocolate pie, or layer strawberries and cream to create delightful strawberry shortcake bites.

Each recipe is crafted to include simple, child-friendly steps, ensuring that your little helpers can actively participate in the process. These activities are perfect for sparking creativity and excitement. Not only will your Shavuot table be filled with mouthwatering treats, but the experience of making them together will be a cherished part of your celebration.

So, roll up your sleeves, gather your ingredients, and invite the kids to join you in the kitchen. Let’s dive into these delectable creations and make this Shavuot an unforgettable, delicious family affair!

1. Cheese Lollipops by Faigy Ortner

These bite size cheesecakes are a hit with all ages!

2. Lotus Ice Cream Sandwiches by Gitty Friedman

A delicious, bite-sized dessert that’s sophisticated enough for the adults and yummy enough for the kids.

3. Shortcut Caramel Cookie Pie by Shaindy Siff

A decadent and delicious cookie pie with scrumptious caramel and truffle chocolate mixed in.

4. Dasi’s 7-Layer Cheesecake by Dasi Glenn

5. Pecan Crunch Ice Cream Pie with Caramel Drizzle (Dairy Free) by Batsheva Kanter

6. Avi’s No-Bake Cheesecake by Avi Lewis

Cheesecake isn’t just for Shavuot! Enjoy this easy, five-ingredient any time of the year as a special treat! For more ideas from kids, watch Kitchen Kids!

7. Strawberry Shortcake Bites by Batsheva

For more great food, watch Kitchen Kids!

8. Batsheva’s Chocolate Mousse by Batsheva

Looking for that perfectly delicious crowd-pleaser dessert? Give chocolate mousse a try! It’s easier than it sounds. To watch how Batsheva does it, watch Kitchen Kids!

9. Easy as Chocolate Pie by Michal Frischman

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; nine times out of ten, my preference is to focus my energy on the main event, and dessert is the least of my concerns. But this “recipe” is literally three ingredients and easy enough to delegate out, even to other non-dessert makers.

10. Cheesecake Mousse Cannolis by Esty Wolbe

Who says you can’t use store-bought ingredients to create a beautiful, impressive dessert that your guests will be talking about for weeks? This cannoli cheesecake recipe does just that. Watch the video!

11. Quick and Easy 3 Ingredient Mousse by Esther S K

This is my go-to I-don’t-have-time-to-make-dessert or I-just-realized-I should-send-something-to-my neighbor- for -their-Shalom-Zachor recipe. Yes, you can save time and still get delicious results!

12. One Bowl No-Mixer Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Cookies by Chanie Nayman

One of my favorite moments over Shavuot is the morning before the late-start meal, when we have more time to linger with a coffee and of course, a coffee accompaniment! This recipe is as easy as making chocolate chip cookies, but will be even more enjoyed than the timeless classic.

13. Lotus Pie by hcweiss1

One of the easiest parve desserts I have ever made, 3 ingredients is all you need, and you choose how much you want!