Shabbat Menu- Fake-Out Take-Out

Kosher.com Staff February 25, 2021

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Sometimes putting your feet up and ordering takeout is very much necessary and appropriate. Other times it’s not available or outside the budget.

So when you can’t shake the takeout mood, a great way to mimic it is with “fake-out” takeout recipes. These recipes are extremely makeable and give you those flavor bombs you’re looking for from takeout.

It may not be quite as easy as just dialing a number or checking a few boxes, but it’s definitely still satisfying and enjoyable!

Happy Cooking,


Heimishe Coleslaw from the Nitra Cookbook

A simple recipe for creamy, crunchy, classic coleslaw that is perfect for Shabbat lunch!

Buffalo Wings by Rivky Kleiman

Wings are such a fun dinner option that everyone will be thrilled to see on the Shabbat table – easy to make and packed with flavor!

Thai Beef Noodles by Elizabeth Kurtz

This dish is really a full meal in one, so even though there may be a few extra steps, your finished product will be a full meal that looks like it came out of a restaurant and tastes amazing!

Shabbat Pulled Beef by Faigy Murray

This pulled beef is super delicious, simple, and uses all pantry ingredients! It’s such a family favorite that your dish will empty before you know it.

Linzer Torte Cookies by Cook Up A Wedding

A simple recipe for the classic cookie which is loved by so many. It starts off with an easy and simple dough recipe and transforms to a gorgeous and tasty cookie!