Fire Safety Guidelines For Chanukah

Avigael Levi December 12, 2023

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On Chanukah, it’s imperative to practice fire safety, especially with children in the house.

Take a look at the information below and be sure to teach all young kids the importance of fire safety this holiday season, and always!

While Lighting

1. I need an Adult!
-Children should never be allowed to light on their own without the supervision and help of a trusted adult.
-It should be made clear to children that they must be calm and safe when lighting the Menorah and that it can be very dangerous if not done properly.

2. Am I Safe and Ready to Light?
-Make sure all clothing, hair, and body parts are out of the way when lighting.
-Be mindful of loose sleeves or garments hanging and be aware of your surroundings when lighting. 
-Never walk around with a lit candle or Menorah.

3. Can I Reach?
-Never reach over other Menorahs to light. Light the farther away Menorahs first.
-Make sure children are standing a safe distance to their Menorahs so they can comfortably light with the help of an adult.

4. Can Everyone Else Reach?
Give other people plenty of space when lighting and don't crowd around the Menorahs

5. Are the Matches Put Away?
- NEVER leave matches and lighters out!
-Always make sure all matches and lighters are accounted for and put away, out of reach and out of sight of children.

After Lighting

1. Is the Menorah Still Lit? Put it out Before Going to Sleep!
-Never leave Menorahs/Candles unattended! Leaving candles unattended is the #1 cause of candle fires and it is entirely preventable. If you are going out for a Shabbos meal, light where you will be eating. Otherwise, ALWAYS put the candles out before you leave. 
-NEVER go to sleep while any candles are still lit.

2. Can I Touch the Menorah?
-Make sure children know they cannot touch or go near the Menorahs while lit.
-Make sure children can't reach Menorahs and that surrounding furniture does not grant unintended access. Also make sure whatever the Menorahs are on is sturdy enough to avoid movement or collapse from contact with children.
-Make sure pets cannot access Menorahs and are kept clear of the area.

3. Am I Playing Near the Menorah?
-Children should not be allowed to be near the Menorahs unattended. It should be made clear to children they cannot play or be wild anywhere near the Menorahs or if possible, should stay out of the room with the Menorahs/Candles unless an adult is present.

For more fire prevention and safety tips, visit: https://monseyfd.org/prevention-tours

If you see flames or smell smoke, CALL 911!!!

Thank you to the Monsey Fire Department for sharing these helpful tips and important information.