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Food Scented Candles for Your Home

Food Scented Candles for Your Home

By: Dena Gershkovich, Lubicom Marketing Staff


If you’re working from home these days, it’s definitely an added bonus to work in a pleasant-scented space. Trust me that your Zoom meetings will suddenly become much more enjoyable when a delicious aroma is burning in the background. Check out the candles below to find a scent that suits your preferences. Whether you prefer fruity and fresh or sweet and spicy, you’re bound to find something here that works for you!


1. Aromascape Caramel + Toffee Candle



This candle smells like a mixture of toffee crumbles, warm nutmeg and cinnamon sprinkled on top of whipped vanilla cream, according to the product description on Amazon. Indulge yourself with this rich scent!

Buy it here, for $14.99 on Amazon.


2. Grandma’s Kitchen Scents Cinnamon Roll, Fresh Bread and Banana Nut Bread Scented Candle Gift Set


From banana bread to cinnamon rolls to fresh bread, this candle set truly sums up how I spent my quarantine in a nutshell. Isn’t it convenient that you can enjoy the scent of these delicious baked goods without having to put in the effort to prepare them?

Shop the gift set here, for $35.95 on Amazon.


3. Milkhouse Candle Creamery Apple Strudel Candle



Just add some ice cream, and you have a full dessert. This is a great option for fall!

Buy it here, for $24 on Amazon.


4. Boulangerie Whipped Cream & Pear Candle



So fruity and so fresh, this chic candle is sure to freshen up your space.

Buy it here, for $18 on Anthropologie.


5. Star Hollow Candle Company Pumpkin Pie Scented Jar Candle



Do you ever wish you could carry pumpkin season into the winter? With this soy blended candle, you can bring one of fall’s best scents into the colder months.

Buy it here, for $20.99 on Amazon.


6. Homesick Latkes and Lights Candle



If joy could be captured in a candle, it would smell like this. This candle is a great way to get into the Hanukkah spirit! Get it now so it arrives before the holiday!

Buy it here, for $34 on Homesick.


7. DW Home Thanksgiving Feast Candle



This candle smells like “buttery mashed potatoes and salted gravy join delicious notes of sage stuffing, sweetened with a hint of cranberry sauce,” according to the description on the DW Home website. If you’re having a smaller Thanksgiving dinner this year due to COVID, you can light this candle to bring all of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner scents into your home!

Buy it here, for $14 (small) or $18 (large) on DW home.


8. Blueberry Muffins Scented Jar Candle by A Cheerful Candle LLC


One of my favorite things to bake are blueberry muffins. What a delicious smell to fill your home with! With this candle, you can get that scent any time!

Buy it here, for $20.99 on Wayfair.


9. Brewed2Burn Oatmeal Stout Craft Beer Scented Candle



The makers of this hand-poured candle aim to infuse your home with the essence of your favorite craft beers. This candle sounds like a fun one to burn in your home!

Buy it here, for $21.50 on Amazon.


10. Bath and Body Works Pineapple Cream Puff Candle



So tangy, fruity, and fresh – this scent will surely put a smile on your face. It is very rare to find this candle in stores, according to Amazon, so get it here while you can!

Buy it here, for $29.87 on Amazon.


11. Luxe Sweet Melon Scented Jar Candle by Colonial Candle



This sweet, care-free scent – which is infused with essential oils – will take you back to summer in the tropics. This candle may be the closest thing you’ll get to a getaway right now!

Buy it here, for $24.99 on Wayfair.


12. Red Barrel Studio Coffee Scented Jar Candle



Choose your favorite blend – French vanilla, mocha espresso, or caramel latte – and burn it up to bring the smell of your favorite coffee shop into your home! You’ll feel like you are working in a real café, just like in pre-COVID times. This café collection was created using a real fresh-brewed coffee fragrance. This candle set will also make a great gift for your favorite coffee buddy.

Buy it here, for $30.99 on Wayfair.


13. Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Candle


This a true fall aroma. With a blend of Maple Syrup, Golden Waffles, Pumpkin Spice, and Brown Sugar, this candle will transform any room. This item is a limited edition fall scent, so get it while you can!  

Buy it here , for $26.73 on Amazon.


Do you have favorite candles? We’d love to hear about them! Please share your favorite candles in the comments!