Get All Your Sukkah Decor on Amazon

Elisheva Blumberg September 17, 2019

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By: Elisheva Blumberg, Lubicom Staff


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There’s no denying that craft stores have their place.


But when you’re starved for time, craft stores aren’t always the best choice.


Think about how much time is takes to paw through the rain-drenched circulars left on your doorstep for a single Hobby Lobby coupon.


Then you actually have to drive to Hobby Lobby.


And once you’re in the store, you’ll probably find yourself walking up and down the aisles ruminating over whether or not you can pull off tinsel as a Sukkot-appropriate decorating choice.


Bottom line: if you’re crunched for time, buy your Sukkah decor on Amazon.



Whether you need decor for the walls, tabletop, or s’chach, here are our top Sukkah decor picks courtesy of Amazon. (Tinsel not included.)





  1. Wall decals

    If stickers will adhere to your Sukkah walls (this definitely will not work for canvas or fabric Sukkahs), the right wall decal will completely transform the environment in your Sukkah.

    Try an understated hanging vine decal or a lively set of delicate peach blossom decals.

    Another beautiful idea is to evoke Jerusalem with a minimalist Jerusalem skyline decal or an intriguing Passage to the Western Wall doorway decal.

  2. Curtains

    An inexpensive string curtain has a luxuriant feel. Instead of using it in the doorway of your Sukkah, hang it along the length of one entire Sukkah wall; it won’t be a functional curtain, but it will add an aesthetically interesting color, texture, and shine to your Sukkah.

  3. Do-It-Yourself: Spray paint + photo frames

    The ultimate tool for a DIY-er? Spray paint.

    For a seamlessly decorated Sukkah, arm yourself with a can of Glitter Blast spray paint.

    Buy a set of simple picture frames and apply your choice of spray paint color(s). You can use the newly-decorated frames to artfully coordinate the Sukkah wall hangings you already have, like those gedolim photos, your latest family pictures, or that hand-painted mizrach sign your daughter brought home from kindergarten.




  1. Pack-a-punch tablecloths

    If there’s a time to go wild with your decorative choices, it’s definitely Sukkot!

    Break free from traditional tableware styles, and opt for a whimsical tablecloth print, like a Blue Tropical tablecloth or a Watercolor Poppies table cover.

  2. Serving Trays

    To prettify the constant back-and-forth from kitchen to Sukkah, choose a serving tray that doubles as a table ornament.

    Gorgeous options include: a galvanized metal tray printed with a fittingly upbeat message for the holiday (“Happy Everything!”), a vintage-style white-washed wooden tray, or this rustic serving tray in turquoise (my personal rule: when in doubt, always go with turquoise).

  3. Do-It-Yourself: Planter box centerpiece

    A pastoral wooden planter box is a perfect base on which to build a stunning centerpiece for your Sukkah table.

    Just add elements from nature (flowers, branches, pinecones, acorns, etc.) and a set of multi-sized battery-operated candles (these candles can be timed to shut off after a few hours, and they cycle after 24 hours, which means they’ll be on for both Yom Tov meals).





  1. Hang these String LED lights behind a sheer curtain for an ambient glow throughout your Sukkah.
  2. Come evening, these outdoor garden lanterns will cast enchanting light patterns onto the walls of your Sukkah. Hang a few from strategic parts of the Sukkah, or place them on a pedestal table in the corner.
  3. Do-It-Yourself: Hula hoop chandelier

    With just a hula hoop, some lace or ribbon, string lights, and hot glue, you can make an impressive Sukkah chandelier.

    See more detailed instructions here




  1. Faux flora

    Nature elements as decor never go out of style. Add nature-inspired warmth to your Sukkah by using cuts of faux green vine to hang decorations.

    A set of floral hoop wreaths adds a unique spin to traditional florals.

    This eucalyptus garland is another elegant way to introduce hanging greenery into your Sukkah.

  2. Brilliant solar lights

    Tack up these firework-shaped solar lights (we love the “warm white” shade). While they probably won’t be bright enough to be your Sukkah’s sole light source, these lovely lights will lend a magical, Disney-esque vibe to your Sukkah.

  3. Do-It-Yourself: Plastic ball hanging ornaments

    The best part of do-it-yourself is that you can customize your project and make yourself something entirely unique.

    These fillable clear acrylic balls are your starting point. Fill them with silk hydrangea heads, specks of chunky glitter, or colorful gems.




We hope by now your inner interior decorator is jumping for joy! 


So go on, get started on creating an exquisitely decorated Sukkah — no coupon clipping required!