Tu Bishvat

Grow An Edible Garden For Tu Bishvat!

Jackie Yesharim January 25, 2021

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Sponsored by Strauss Milky


by: Jackie of Home Over House


I’m bringing you the easiest two-ingredient recipe you can find yourself this year for Tu-Bishvat! You can take this recipe and make it into such a creative dessert to use for Tu-Bishvat.


I used the famous “dirt cup” dessert and displayed it in mini gardening tins, filled them with chocolate pudding and cookie crumbs, and topped it off with some adorable edible cookie decorations.


Sometimes, less is more, and I think in this case it shows that statement to be very true! 


You will need:


  • sandwich cookie crumbles (you can buy store-bought Oreo pie crust and use that!)
  • Strauss Milky Chocolate Pudding
  • optional: toppings like gummy worms, sugar ladybugs or butterflies, fondant flowers, etc. 

All you need to do is:


1. Fill up your cup with the pudding, layering it with cookie crumbs in between.




2. Top it off with cookie crumbs, toppings, and a shovel spoon for some added cuteness!





Here is the link for every item used!

Shovel spoons
Mini tin gardening cups
Edible ladybugs