Table Decor and Flowers

How to Create a Beautiful Flower Arrangement on a Budget

Devoiry Schlesinger April 15, 2019

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By Devoiry Schlesinger



A guitar for the musician, a stethoscope for the doctor, flour for the baker – these are essential tools for each craft. Flowers are an essential tool for my soul. Flowers help me connect with my thoughts and my being. Flowers are my mediation. I have a creative and visual mind and with that a strong need to execute my visions. Flowers are like G-d’s finest strokes and He has given us the ability to create a masterpiece. I feel privileged that I can create my vision of beauty from beauty that there is. I feel grateful to have been given the opportunity to share my work on this platform. Thank you.



In this tutorial I used a simple clear, low rectangle vase. I chose this vase because so many people have told me they have these pesky-shaped vases stashed away and they don’t get to use them because they don’t know how to fill them, and a low arrangement means you don’t have to remove it from the table to see the people on the other side. I hope you enjoy this very simple step-by-step tutorial that you can follow every time so these vases can star again!






Florals Used:
1 leather leaf
1 stem Italian ruscus
3 stems Brunia
5 ranunculus
3 green trix
6 tulips
3 roses


You can choose any variations and any colors to suit your taste, and use the below technique to fill the vase.




Start by creating a grid using floral tape. (Or you can use scotch tape.) I used 1/4-inch floral tape which I prefer because it’s waterproof and a little stretchy. Secure by putting tape all the way around just under the rim.



Bring your vase to the edge of the table and measure a stem at a slant against the vase. Cut all your stems to the same size and remove the leaves from the stems. Cut all flower stems on an angle so there is more surface area for water to be absorbed.


Insert your foliage at a slant, starting from the two edges with stems towards the center.



We are going to start with the feature flower, the clony ranunculus. These will be the stars of the show, so we want to make sure they are seen everywhere. Starting at the edges, insert them on each corner, working towards the center of the vase.



Fill in the gaps by inserting the trix. This will complete the full base.



Insert tulips, starting with the edges and working your way through the center. The tulips add dimension and character.



Add the three roses beside each green trick for that pop of white, and you’re done!