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How to Create a Beautiful Simcha Table From Home

Rudi Sukenik June 10, 2020

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So the party can’t be big… but it can be beautiful.


Here’s a sneak peek at a lovely tablescape, perfect for a downsized Sheva Brachot, Bat Mitzva, Yom Tov meal, or just a beautiful family summer brunch. Although we’re not frequenting any extra stores, decor is still a perfectly sustainable hobby, and perhaps more important than ever – keeping our heads and hands busy and our spirits up and vibrant! The table featured here was set with disposables in an effort to promote safety during these times and was dreamed, designed and executed all in a semi-lockdown state – which means you can do it now, too!



Perhaps one of the most frustrating and limiting parts of home party planning is having to coordinate with the room’s colors and decor. Good news, friends! This scape works with white, beige, brown, stone, wood, grey and lots more colors and styles… Or take it outdoors!



The inspiration for this design began with the tablecloth; it’s soft, it’s summery, it’s beautiful… AND it’s what we like to call “Amazonable.” No need to leave the safety of your home for this one.



We purchased these wood-like chargers online from Hobby Lobby. The wooden texture brings together the florals and the greens with a splendid natural look. The classic, organic white plates are a wonderful thing. They lend an air of simple sophistication and work with pretty much every sort of decor. The shape is trendy and user friendly – we care about the practical stuff, too! Find them in the paper goods aisle when you’re doing your weekly grocery order. To complete the look, fasten any sort of greenery around a standard white napkin and achieve that irresistible summery ambiance. It’s a neat trick.



We chose to go disposable, and this cutlery is an absolute fave! Super cool and a little different but classic enough to blend in with the rest of the scape. Who would’ve thought disposable flatware could upgrade a place setting to an artsy masterpiece?! These guys are distributed by Bluesky Trading and are available at your local grocery store (which you’ve been frequenting anyway) or in wholesale amounts on the Bluesky website.



Okay guys, this is top secret info: The adorable little vases at each place setting are actually disposable wine flutes. These came from the Bluesky party treasury as well. And please notice the coordinating goblets – you can find these adorable things in loads of shapes and sizes at most grocery stores.



Every beautiful flower on this table was purchased at Shoprite. How do you like that?? These floral arrangements won’t require an extra trip out in a contaminated world and are oh-so cheap!


That’s all there is to it!



All images by Prime Images Photography