How To Make A Picture-Perfect Looking Pie

Rachel Kor November 22, 2022

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So you want your homemade pie to look picture-perfect? Well, forget all you’ve read about making a perfect-looking pie, because I have the easiest, prettiest, most foolproof method to share with you!


My secret? Cookies!


You read that correctly. The secret to making a beautiful-looking pie is cookies! Let me explain.


Well, let’s go back for a second. What makes a beautiful-looking pie? It’s all that intricate latticework, the attention to detail, and all those details perfectly placed, and golden brown (with just the right amount of turbinado sugar).


Instead, what usually happens is latticework that looks anything but uniform, over-baked edges (because the filling wasn’t set yet), and a pie that looks well, mediocre. 



Now, back to the cookies. Cookies are much easier to make look perfect. With a great cookie recipe that holds a shape, egg wash, and a sprinkling of sparkling sugar, cookies ALWAYS come out looking amazing. Which is why I top my pies with them! 


I either top my pies with baked cookies when the pie is hot out of the oven, or I buy a plain pie, say pumpkin or apple, and top that with the cookies. It always looks so pretty and festive, and requires a fraction of the time or stress. You can also use whipped cream to ensure the cookies stick well.



So, next time you make a pie, make (or, heck, buy) cookies and stick ’em right on top for a festive look!


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