How To Make A Purim Sensory Bin

Ariel Stein February 9, 2021

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By Ariel Stein




Purim is one of my favorite holidays! My children absolutely love sensory play activities so I knew I wanted to try making a rainbow rice Purim sensory bin for them. Read on to learn how to create something like this for your family, with step-by-step instructions.



You Will Need:


1. Clear storage bin

2. White Rice
3. Craft jewels and gemstones
4. Assorted food coloring
5. Foam Purim masks
6. Royal play crown
7. Pack of 4 noisemakers
8. Craft felt sheets
9. Hot glue gun



How To Make A Purim Sensory Bin:


1. Start with an empty bin.
2. Add rainbow rice (I used this tutorial to dye the rice different colors).
3. Add some craft gemstones and jewels.
4. Layer in items like Purim masks, megillah, grogger noisemaker, play crown, felt hamentaschen.
5. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild!




My kids absolutely loved discovering all of the different items in the bin and learning about Purim. They had so much fun wearing the masks and crowns and pretending to be the characters from the story. I hope this activity gets your family excited to celebrate Purim!