How To Make A Stunning Floral Menorah For Chanukah

Jackie Yesharim December 24, 2019

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Hi everyone! I’m Jackie from Home Over House.


Each year during Chanukah, we celebrate with joy-filled hearts, latke-filled bellies, and love-filled homes. Our tablescapes also play an important role in creating a festive and eye-catching ambiance in our homes. When you’re busy hosting guests throughout the holiday, it is easy to feel “burnt out” (excuse the pun!) towards the end. The fine china used for the first couple of days may taper to disposables by the end, but that doesn’t mean your table can’t look stunning throughout the week.



My favorite table centerpiece to make during Chanukah is my floral menorah, which remains on my table for all eight nights. It is a statement piece that will never get old to look at. I am so excited to be working with Kosher.Com to share this beautiful do-it-yourself floral menorah with you. Because it is made with faux florals, it is easy to pack and store this floral menorah for many years to come.


I hope you all enjoy making this floral menorah as much as I do. Sending you love & light! 




  •  6 Floral Foam Blocks
  • A Pack of BBQ Sticks
  • 9 Faux Votive Candles 
  • Faux Florals of your preference 




  1. Create the shape of your menorah using your foam blocks (in the shape of a capital “I.” (Note: To make the menorah shape, you should use two foam blocks for the bottom (horizontally) one in the center (vertically), and another two on the top (horizontally) connected at the center.

  2. Slide your BBQ sticks inside the center of the foam, making sure it connects to the other piece of foam. As you can see in my photo, the base of the menorah is 2 foam blocks connected at the middle using the BBQ sticks (which should not be visible).
  3. Cut the last foam block in half and place it on the top center as the extra height for the center of the menorah.
  4. Once you have formed your menorah shape, make sure it is sturdy and even.
  5. Then, take the faux florals, cut the stems, and make sure to leave about half an inch of the flowers so it can securely stay in the foam blocks.
  6. Continue placing your flower stems inside the foam until the foam is completely hidden.

  7. Once you are done, place the faux candles on the top of the menorah and light for all eight days! 


PS. This makes a terrific Hanukkah gift, and can also be done with real flowers using the exact method! 



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