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Which Kosher Restaurants Are Open for Passover 2019?

Dani Klein April 17, 2019

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By Dani Klein



For the past 11 years, I’ve been writing about kosher restaurants and travel around the world at YeahThatsKosher.com. Every year, without fail, the most popular content I produce is Pesach-related, be it about Passover programs or my global restaurant list. 


People reach out to me as early as December to find out which kosher restaurants will be open for chol hamoed Pesach, which is typically months earlier than the restaurants know themselves. But this zeal for knowing which restaurants will be available to kosher consumers on the chag only solidifies our communities’ desire to be near accessible kosher food, and it goes without saying that Pesach is the hardest time of the year to find food we can eat, no matter where in the world we are.


Even in places like Israel, where dozens of kosher restaurants stay open for Pesach, the variance of kashrut certifications and issues with or without Kitniyot, dining out on chol hamoed Pesach is not easy.


That notion is what drove me to start writing about kosher travel in the first place nearly 11 years ago, and more specifically, to compile the ultimate list of kosher restaurants open on chol hamoed Pesach around the world every year.


For Kosher.com, I wanted to highlight some of the restaurants that will be open on chol hamoed Pesach to guide you for the upcoming holiday, and I’m curious to know where you’ll be dining out during chol hamoed:



Best Restaurants for Kids

–   Dixie BBQ, Aventura, FL – this fast food joint makes quality dishes that adults and kids will both enjoy

The dirty fries at Dixie BBQ. Photo: @YeahThatsKosher


–   Kosher Cajun, New Orleans, LA – the only kosher deli in Louisiana, KC has something for everyone


–   Serendipity, Surfside, FL – kids love the frozen yogurts & ice creams here. Heck, so do the adults


–   Berrylicious, Teaneck, NJ & Cedarhurst, NY – in addition to froyo, the restaurant typically prepares K4P personal pizzas



Best for Foodie Experience

–   Crave, Jerusalem, Israel – the adventurous and fun eatery in Machane Yehuda boasts funky dishes with lots of flavor

–   Jacko’s Street, Jerusalem, Israel – just outside of Machane Yehuda, Jacko’s is a high-end treat with lots of modern dishes brought to life

–   Blue Sky by Meir Adoni, Tel Aviv, Israel – brunch by Chef Adoni overlooking the Mediterranean is the way to go


Frozen chocolate and fresh fruit dessert at Blue Sky. Photo: @YeahThatsKosher.


–   Paprika, New York, NY – the flavors coming out of this midtown Manhattan restaurant make you think you’re in Israel or North Africa


–   Soupergirl, Washington, DC (2 locations) – their soups can be enjoyed year round, and they are delicious




Best Places to Celebrate Special Occasions

–   Noma, Aventura, FL – this beautiful dairy restaurant is one of Florida’s best


The Kani Roll at Noma. Photo: @YeahThatsKosher


–   Gaucho Grill, Mexico City, Mexico – of Mexico’s nicest kosher restaurants, it has a large menu and is located in a beautiful neighborhood

The facade of Gaucho Grill. Photo: @YeahThatsKosher


–   1868, Jerusalem, Israel – blending Israeli cuisine, old and new, this restaurant is great for wine lovers


–   Lumina by Meir Adoni, Tel Aviv, Israel – a must for any foodie in Israel, tasting Chef Adoni’s treats here will make any dinner special


–   West Side Restaurant, Tel Aviv, Israel – one of the city’s nicest restaurants, located inside the Royal Beach Hotel, with beautiful views of the Mediterranean




Night Out at the Theater

–   Le Marais, New York, NY – located in the heart of New York’s theater district, this French steakhouse has been around for decades for good reason


–   Mr. Broadway, New York, NY – also a midtown Manhattan mainstay, this eatery boasts ample seating and numerous options for diners





Restaurants with Kitniyot

–   Modern Bread & Bagel, New York, NY (both Kitniyot & non-Kitniyot items) – showcasing a 100% Gluten Free menu year-round, the items produced at MBB will leave you shocked you’re not eating chametz


–   Jacko’s Son, Jerusalem, Israel – this new Asian bar will be serving a selection of K4P cocktails and sushi


–   Malka, Tel Aviv, Israel – the only kosher restaurant in Israel by renowned chef Eyal Shani




New Kosher Restaurants on the Scene

–   Mesa Bar & Grill, Surfside, FL – brand new steakhouse on Harding


–   Meat Bar, Bay Harbor Islands, FL – high-end eatery just off the beaten path from Surfside & Bal Harbour



Click here for my full list of 2019 Pesach Chol Hamoed restaurants.