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How To Make The Mishloach Manot In Rorie’s Latest Episode!

How To Make The Mishloach Manot In Rorie's Latest Episode!

Looking for the perfect Mishloach Manot that contains REAL food that everyone will love? Then we suggest you go and watch Rorie’s latest episode of Living Full ’n Free!


She makes four dip recipes that are delicious, healthy, and super easy to prepare. They go great with almost any theme and can be enjoyed at the Seudah or on Shabbat!


To top it off, she also shows us how to incorporate them in an elegant, tasteful, and easy way. For those of you who want to replicate it for yourselves, we’ve got all the Amazon links for you below! Yup, you can find all the packaging on Amazon! You can’t get easier than that!


For those of you who haven’t seen the episode yet, you can watch it here!


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Wooden Wine Box


Why is it that the simplest things are always the hardest to find? These wooden boxes are such an amazing find — they can be used in so many ways. They’re particularly perfect if you plan on including a bottle of wine in your Mishloach Manot this year.




Rose Gold Mason Jars


There are so many beautiful mason jars with rose gold tops. Below are a few options, depending on your preferred size, material, style, and price range. In Rorie’s episode, we used four-ounce jars, which held the perfect amount of dip.


4 Ounce Clear Plastic Jars



8 Ounce Glass Jars



8 Ounce Clear Plastic Jars



For the exact mason jar that Rorie used see HERE.


Natural Grass Filler


This is the exact box filler that Rorie used for her Mishloach Manot. It requires some playing with and maneuvering, but looks stunning when in place.



For other options that don’t require as much attention, see below!


Crinkle Cut Paper Shred Filler



Grass Craft Shredded Tissue