Father’s Day

How To Pull Off a Fleishig Father’s Day Breakfast With Chef Isaac Bernstein

Malka Kopolovich June 11, 2019

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By: Malka Kopolovich, Lubicom Staff


Fathers deserve TLC, too!


This Father’s Day, let’s talk breakfast in bed- for our meat loving dads.


I am a huge fan of breakfast for dinner, eggs randomly being thrown into dishes, and kosher bacon!


However, I’m an even bigger fan of my father, who is an avid supporter of eating meat at any time of day.


So for the man who taught me how to ride a bike AND drive a car (even though I crashed both), I shall present a wholesome meal that says, “I love you and support your ridiculous love for meats!” My loving, supportive, and forgiving father deserves the world!


We all know food has a special way to the heart so… I’ll start with a big, loving breakfast.


I do want to point out that while eating meat in the morning can make some people feel sluggish; it is a great way to pack on essential nutrients at the start of your day. You’ll be full for hours, and able to have a light lunch, and an even lighter dinner- which is perfect for those on an outing for Father’s Day!


 I had the pleasure of speaking to Chef Isaac Bernstein, who so kindly came up with several carnivorous combos. From simple bacon & eggs to a packed breakfast burrito, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for to satisfy the stomach of Big Papa!



1. Bacon & Eggs

You can’t go wrong with New York’s favorite (next to cream cheese and lox, of course): Turkey, lamb, or kosher beef bacon paired with two sunny sides up eggs. Natural soul food, and a no-sweat way to make dad smile!


2. Pastrami & Corned beef Hash

Whose dad doesn’t love a good meat and potato combo? I know my father wouldn’t pass this one up!

Throw together cubed pieces of potatoes, garlic, parsley, and any spices you add to your hashed potatoes. Add in some bite-sized pastrami and corned beef pieces, scramble some eggs, and for a kick, hot sauce on the side. As soon as dad bites into this, the need for a present vanishes, and you no longer feel compelled to buy him ties he never needed.



3. Breakfast Burrito

This brings me back to my seminary days. After turning a couple of wrong corners in Mahane Yehuda Shuk, I discovered a burrito spot, AKA heaven on earth. Unfortunately, the spot did close down, but their breakfast burrito still has a place in my heart and taste buds.

You can get as creative as you want with this. I’d assemble lamb bacon, scrambled eggs, avocado, and corn, hugged by a soft flour tortilla, dipped in Sriracha sauce. You may want to push this off to brunch, though.


4. Chorizo & Egg

There’s something about the simplicity of scrambled eggs and the kick of sliced chorizo… For a less hearty version, switch out the chorizo for pastrami.



5. Short Rib Omelet

Adding your leftover short ribs to an omelet cooked with mushrooms, onion, and parsley is a sure way to wins dad’s heart in the AM.



6. Turkey Frittata

The usual frittata consists of eggs, peppers, onion, spinach, and cheese. Switch out the cheese for leftover turkey pieces, for a savory way to replace the socks you get him annually.  

Add a cup of black or almond milk coffee or orange juice alongside one of these dishes and dad is ready for a great start to a day dedicated to him.


Every day is Father’s Day! You can enjoy these dishes any day, at any time. Oh and appreciate Pops every day, too.

Happy Father’s Day!