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Sina Mizrahi’s Secret to Flower Arranging on a Budget

Sina Mizrahi August 24, 2018

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Floral arrangements can get pricey. I love perusing different flowers at the shop and putting together a bouquet of my own on a budget. Here I’ll share some of my tips and tricks so you can put together something yourself. I’m not a professional, but I’ve gleaned some insight over the years because there’s nothing I love more than a beautiful holiday table!



Three things I keep in mind when looking at flowers:

  1. Color: I pick a few complementary colors or go monochromatic. I love using different kinds of all white flowers, but sometimes a pop of color stands out more.
  2. Contrast: I’ll pick a flower that contrasts the bunch for more visual interest. Make sure you get them in threes because there is a principal of design that says groups of three are more pleasing to the eye.
  3. Texture: I use different kind of green foliage to add texture. It’s also a great, cheap filler that allows you to use less flowers and still achieve a full bouquet.


I lay out my flowers on the table and get a medium to large vase or a few smaller ones ready. I trim the flowers at a 45° angle (they absorb more water this way and therefore last longer). I start placing them in my vase at different heights and angles until I get a polished look.




  • Fill your vase with cold water for the flowers to last longer. Warm water helps closed flowers bloom faster.
  • Look at your arrangement from all angles to make sure it works. If you’re placing your flowers on the table, people will see it from all angles. 
  • For the easiest, no-fail arrangement: cluster the same kinds of flowers in small bouquets and place them next to each other for a polished look.
  • Play with height. You can have a tall flower arrangement and shorter ones around it.
  • Pick up some large leaves to line the inside of your vase. That’s an easy way to hide the stems and pretend you got your arrangement from a professional.

Most of all, enjoy the beautiful way flowers enhance your Yom Tov table. Do what you find most pleasing.


Shana tova,

Sina Mizrahi