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Inside Out Honey Dish

Inside Out Honey Dish

These ridiculously adorable honey dishes are actually surprisingly easy to make! Kids will go crazy from them, plus! They can get to work on making one mini honey dish for each person at the table. Nothing like a win, win during this busy time!


Step 1.
Choose a fairly rounded apple, not one that stands lopsided.

Step 2.
Neatly slice off the top of the apple horizontally, approximately a half an inch off the tip. It is ideal if there is a hole at the top of the apple where the stem was so that you can stick your honey dipper stick through that hole.

Step 3.
Using a melon baller, create a cavity in the apple. Make sure to leave a hefty wall around the cavity so that no honey seeps through, and the wall doesn’t crack.

Step 4.
Fill your apple with honey!

Step 5.
Carefully stick your honey dipper stick through the hole in the apple. This is the cover of your honey dish!