It’s Not Too Late To Set A Magical Chanukah Table

Malka Hartman December 12, 2023

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Our tables are so often at the center of the holidays. It’s the backdrop for moments that draw us closer to the spirit of the festival, and delighting in the fun glittery details of our table is just another gift Chanukah offers. The best part? When the people who have gathered at our table feel welcomed, we’re reminded that the seemingly mundane task of making a beautiful table for the holiday can create its own kind of magic.

I truly believe there is a deep holiness connected to the effort of pulling together a beautiful table for your family to enjoy.

For this table we wanted to incorporate the traditional blue Chanukah color scheme but in an elevated version. Blue is a great base in that it really looks good with all colors but I’m forever impartial to green. So green was the accent.

The backdrop of the table is always the most important so we of course used the new @worldofhart blue floral velvet tablecloth designed for Chanukah. Its elegant and pretty floral design gives all the Chanukah romantic vibes while also remaining completely not specific to the Chanukah season. When purchasing a cloth for a specific occasion, it’s always a plus when it can be used for various events, giving you the proper versatility and bang for your buck. That was definitely the intention behind the understated floral design and shades of blue in this tablecloth.

The first thing you need in any Chanukah tablescape is lots and lots of candles. They provide both the ambiance and the mood.

We decided to put them in our greenery runner and add some extras on the end. There can never be too many candles! The floral centerpiece was created in-house using Trader Joe’s flowers, and we’re pretty proud of it! We used foam for the center and stuck to a simple color palette so it would give the chic and elegant effect we wanted.

For the table settings, we started with our @worldofhart scalloped lucite charger with the navy trim, because no setting is compete without that pretty flower silhouette. A trip to our local Home Goods proved to be very successful! We found these fabulous green and cream china dishes and matching green glasses. The largest green glass we got on Anthropologie, which is also a great resource for tasteful home and tableware. Lastly, we finished with a simple linen napkin tied in a rich green velvet ribbon which added depth to the overall look. We added some velvet bows to the candlesticks as well. (You can also always add velvet bows inside a flower arrangement! No such thing as too many bows!)

The alcohol of choice was the Bartenura Asti bottle. Because not only is it so aesthetically pleasing, making it a great addition to any tablescape, it is also delicious! Always my go-to gift to bring when I’m being hosted. We had a fun time making a cheese board and a donut latke board, which really switched the table from a Shabbat look to a Chanukah look. Everything was purchased at Seasons Lawrence, because it’s an excellent one-stop shop!

Chanukah is a time for miracles. Hopefully we’ll see our own miracles this year in our personal lives and in Israel.