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Best Ways To Serve Egg Rolls On Chanukah

Kosher.com Staff December 1, 2023

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What is it about egg rolls that make them perfect for so many occasions? Whether you’re hosting a large Chanukah party, enjoying a casual dinner at home with the family, or even just looking to have fun in the kitchen, egg rolls fit right in, especially on Chanukah!

We’ve got every egg roll recipe imaginable for you to try. From Mac and Cheese Egg Rolls (yes, they’re a thing), and Chicken and Broccoli Egg Rolls, to Taco Egg Rolls and Salami Egg Rolls.

Not sure which one to choose? We guarantee they’re all delicious! Just choose one and “roll” with it!

1. Mac and Cheese Egg Rolls by Menachem Goodman

I know this recipe is probably the most American thing you ever heard of, but trust me, it’s so good. It’s perfect to serve as an appetizer or finger food at your next dairy get-together. Trust me on this, make it – you’ll thank you me later.

2. Apple Fritter Cigars by Amy Stopnicki

Get ready to indulge in a deliciously sweet treat! Crispy egg roll dough wraps around a luscious apple filling, infused with cinnamon and brown sugar. These irresistible apple fritters are fried to golden perfection and make the perfect dessert or snack!

3. Taco Egg Rolls by Dorit Teichman

When sending someone the gift of food, whether for a new baby, a simchah, or for any reason at all, keep it simple, keep it fresh, keep it simply beautiful. Be creative with using eco-friendly packaging that is so on trend now— it’s the perfect way to present your homemade meal that will be appetizing even before they open the box! Crunchy, crispy, flavor-filled egg rolls are just the thing to show you care. This appetizer, side or main dish gets a little added kick from the taco seasoning. Include some dips for an even better eating experience.

4. Chicken-Broccoli Egg Rolls with Ranch Dip and Roasted Zucchini by Dini Klein

Dini’s homemade BBQ rub blend proves that some simple spices and cooking oil is all that’s needed to make a delicous roast chicken. Smoked paprika has an added depth of flavor that your standard sweet paprika doesn’t have. Prep the BBQ spiced chicken when you have time early in the week and use about half of it to fry these egg rolls fresh when dinner time rolls around. (Serve the remaining chicken on another night- cook once, eat twice is the Prep + Rally method.)

5. Mini Egg Rolls from the Dining In Cookbook

A real winner!

6. Salami Egg Roll Bites by Esty Wolbe

Egg rolls are always fun to eat, but not so much fun to make. That is until now. For more great ideas to keep it easy, watch Easy Does It.

7. Mini Nacho Cups by Gitty Friedman

This appetizer will start your meal off with a bang! They’re quick to assemble and pack a real flavor punch.

8. Quick Hungarian Fritlach by Agi Schwartz

Quick and easy Hungarian-style fritlach, aka “csöröge.” This delicacy is a traditional sweet, crisp pastry made out of dough that has been shaped into thin twisted ribbons, deep-fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. With all our busy schedules, here is an easy kitchen hack that can help you create this delicacy in no time. For a nice presentation for your parties, we’ll show you how to easily make a nice dessert board. We have an incredibly talented lineup of chefs bringing you their very best fried Chanukah recipes. Follow along as we bring you new recipes and videos to enjoy and make with your family and friends. To watch Agi’s takeover, click HERE!

9. Crispy Fried Sloppy Joes by Rivky Kleiman

The only problem with Sloppy Joes? They’re sloppy! Why make a mess when you can wrap it all up in an egg or spring roll wrapper and fry it to golden perfection?