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How To Create THE Passover Table Of 2021! (+ A Very Special Giveaway)

Sara Donnenbaum March 22, 2021

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You can easily create this STUNNING Passover table this year… Wanna bet?


We’ll walk you through it, but if you have white linens and plates then you’re already half way there! And those haggadah covers? They were hand-painted by the incredibly talented Alex Klein and they can be yours FREE with our downloadable!



Here’s how to recreate this design at home:


To begin, we selected a lovely white tablecloth from La Tableau. The intricate cutwork gives this cloth a sophisticated air of royalty – perfect for Passover! We rented these modern and tasteful lucite chairs from b&b Tent and Party Rentals.


On to the place settings! We found stunning gold chargers at Set Your Table NJ that coordinate with the classic, gold rim organic plates from Blue Sky Trading so beautifully. Of course our favorite Novelty flatware had to make it into this scape – so that part was easy 🙂 The modern wine goblets and saucers on every plate came from the remarkable Waterdale Collection.


The coordinating glasses are another treasure we discovered at Set Your Table NJ. The height adds a whole new dimension to this table, and we love it!


Linen napkins add a dramatic flair of elegance to any table setting. We chose this gentle and classy design from La Tableau and pulled each place setting together in a simple knot. 


The vibrant Haggadahs at each place setting take this Seder table from pretty to exquisite! The unique cover design was painted by the talented Alex Klein, And here’s some great news- you can download and print it right here! At 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches, the artwork is sized to fit most standard haggadahs. Alternatively, you can print the black and white version here and keep the kids busy with a fun coloring activity Erev Yom Tov!


Centerpieces deserve more credit than we tend to give them. We count on centerpieces for color, height, and distinction in all our tablescapes, and this one was no different. The lively floral arrangements featured here were done by Global Flowers and we couldn’t be more thrilled with them!



We love this Passover set by Waterdale. It’s classic and timeless but tasteful and artistic. It went beautifully with our table, and truth be told, we weren’t surprised; the clean design should work with just about any look!


See the Seder Plate at the head of the table? That might just be our very favorite part of this scape. It’s disposable 🙂 As are those adorable little bowls. Can’t we all relate to that post-Seder exhaustion? Who wants to be rinsing a ke’arah at 2 a.m?


Prime Images NJ shot the table for us, capturing the detail and the beauty of it all.





Last, but certainly not least, are these beautiful and meaningful hand-painted tambourines, also created by Alex Klein.


These were inspired by Danielle Renov’s (@peaslovencarrots) Instagram campaign, “Project Mashiach”, where we paint our own tambourines so we can dance and sing together when Mashiach arrives. Tambourines were used by the Jewish women (led by Miriam) to celebrate their freedom from Egypt once they had crossed over the Yam Suf. 


We wanted to spread the love and beautiful meaning of this campaign by giving our amazing readers and followers the opportunity to have one of your own through our Instagram giveaway! 




We hope this table inspires you with your table decor this year!

Chag Sameach to all!