This Purim, Send Mishloach Manot To A Soldier Or Displaced Family In Israel

Sima Kazarnovsky February 27, 2024

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We are living in a time of great juxtaposition. On the one hand, Purim is definitely in the air. With two Adars, we have plenty of time to rev our engines, plan costumes, plan parties, and get excited with the children for the impending avalanche of treats. On the other hand, we can hardly believe we are living in the same shadow of war that we have been living with for months. How can it be that a nightmare that started on Simchat Torah is still a reality Erev Purim? As our hearts ache for separated families, soldiers in dangers, wives and children in mourning, we wonder: What is a Jew to do – be happy? Or sit in our grief?

The answer is, of course, two-sided. We have a commandment to increase our happiness during Adar. We also have a responsibility to our fellow Jew. Let us use this month to spread the joy and our love to the Jews in Israel who really need it. Below is a list of a few companies and organizations that are extending the opportunity to those of us out of Israel, so that we can send physical representations of that love, no matter how far away we are!

1. Kotel Connections

This organization centers around the universal feeling of connection at the Kotel. But where does that spark go once you leave? Kotel Connections connects unaffiliated Jewish tourists to resources in their hometowns to keep up that feeling of inspiration. However, during the war, they took on the responsibility of displaced families and families of soldiers, providing places to live, food, and events for children. This Purim, they are partnering up with Candy2Go, an Israel-based candy business, to offer people the ability to purchase packages to send to families, together with a heartwarming note.
To get involved: https://www.kotelconnections.org/mishloach-manos

2. Orah V’simcha

This is a Chesed Organization located in Har Nof, Jerusalem. They focus on providing financial support for brides who don’t have the finances needed to get married or start married life. They fund weddings, kallah classes, and other vital necessities for a new bride. During the war, they have had the opportunity to help brides from displaced families from southern Israel, whose parents have been out of work for months. For Purim, they are hoping to send 400+ Mishloach Manot to the soldiers to show them that we are all thinking about them. The best part is, 10% of what you pay for the Mishloach Manot goes to the mitzvah of Hachnassat Kallah.
To be a part of this incredible mitzvah, click here: https://send-mishloach-manos-to-chayalim.raisely.com/

3. Olives and Honey

Olives and Honey is a kosher gifting and catering business in Ramat Beit Shemesh. During the war, Olives & Honey started an initiative to make kids’ breakfast boxes for children who have a parent on the front lines or whose family has been displaced. They also raise funds for homecooked meals for soldiers and displaced families. This Purim, Olives & Honey will be preparing and delivering Mishloach Manot packages to distribute to soldiers and families who have been affected by the war. Through a Google document, people are able to order specific packages that they would like to send!

Side note: Olives and Honey has adorable care packages like breakfasts for little kids and a smores box, too, if you ever need any gifting in Israel.
To order,

4. Blazin Boards

Blazin Boards is a beef jerky business located in Ramat Eshkol, Jerusalem, that makes beautiful and elegant jerky boards that people generally order for parties or big Shabbat tables. During these turbulent times, the owners couldn’t help but think about all the evacuated families, the soldiers far from home, and their lonely families that have been fighting for normalcy each day without their father or son or brother around. This Purim, they are looking to spread joy by sending out 100 beef jerky platters to soldiers and their families. They are offering one of two options, both of which cost around $70. One option is their Mini Board, with an assortment of jerky that comes with an option of a beer, a coke bottle, or a can of Bartenura. The other option is their Snack Board, which is a four sectional that includes salami chips, two flavors of beef jerky, and their famous Beef Bites. To get involved in this unique gift that is sure to be highly appreciated, click on this link: https://gofund.me/e321d867

5. Lev Lachayal Mishloach Manot Initiative

Lev Lachayal is a beautiful organization that provides a home and a family for Lone Soldiers fighting in Israel. A program started by Yeshivat Lev Hatorah in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Lev Lechayal is a place to learn Torah, to train for drafting, and to just be when you need the comfort of family. They provide each lone soldier with a home, equipped with their own room and fully stocked fridge. They show up to every army ceremony like any Israeli parent would. They host Shabbat meals with their various Rebbeim on staff. They take their soldiers to their base transport and visit them once they are at the base. This Purim, they are collecting money to keep their soldiers in the Purim spirit by making sure that each one receives a Mishloach Manot package. Become a part of this great initiative by clicking here:


6. Gili’s Goodies

Gili’s Goodies is a food gift business located in Efrat.  Gili’s Goodies is offering card packages, where one can buy greeting cards to send to loved ones in Israel. The money from the Greeting Cards will be going toward Smile for Kids, an incredible organization that is helping families and children deal with the physical, mental, and emotional trauma caused by all the turmoil this war brought into their lives. They provide groceries, basic necessities, and goods like clothing and household items. They are prepared to do whatever they can to help, and with the money raised by Gili’s Goodies, that includes delivering cheery Mishloach Manot packages to as many families as possible! Click below to order your greeting cards! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeFNveFF9w_6s0Wf2xzVVoTJthXR36KPPMRMnj5WX60ghrwjA/viewform

7. Ezrat Achim

Ezrat Achim, an extraordinary chesed organization based in Ramat Beit Shemesh, has been tirelessly serving soldiers, their families, and displaced families since the very beginning of the war. Ezrat Achim is committed to ensuring that the simcha of Purim reaches as many people as possible. Alongside their many other projects such as Adar carnivals for different communities and arranging Purim seudahs, they are currently packaging thousands of Mishloach Manot.

For soldiers, they contain essential items like energy drinks, protein bars, tuna, and more, along with a heartfelt gift and even “Thank you Hashem” bracelets and stickers.

Wives of soldiers will receive indulgent pampering packages, complete with gourmet chocolates, wine, coffees and teas, luxurious creams, and cozy slipper socks.

And, of course, the children are not forgotten- each one will receive a delightful toy alongside plenty of treats.

If you’re planning to be in Israel before Purim, please consider reaching out to Ezrat Achim to organize a group activity of packaging Mishloach Manot, or running an Adar carnival. For inquiries, please email [email protected]. Your involvement could make a meaningful difference in spreading Purim joy to those who need it most!

To donate Mishloach Manot, please click on the link:

8. Kedma-Meals for Army Families

For 25 years, Kedma has facilitated many volunteer opportunities to connect various Israeli communities with their brothers and sisters visiting from abroad. On the morning of October 8th, their efforts and workload increased tenfold. Orit, a director for Kedma based in Efrat, has been on the frontlines since the beginning; visiting elderly, sending meals to families whose father went to the fronts, and even taking down long-forgotten Sukkahs.

However, what was imagined to be a few weeks of chessed in overdrive, soon turned into months of war without a deadline. To keep the momentum alive, and to keep the chessed sustainable, Kedma created the Purim Cards campaign, an opportunity for people to sponsor gift cards to specific restaurants for a family of a soldier. This way, the families receive help in a dignified way, with the ability to choose which restaurant they prefer, the neighbors are able to keep on giving without the overwhelming burden of making double supper every night, and with tourism at a low point, it also gives Israeli businesses an ability to stay open, relevant, and productive. It’s a beautiful way to give, with so many sensitive factors considered. To date, they have fed over 3,000 army wives and children. To order your Purim cards and take part in the great mitzvah of Tzedakah this Purim, click on the link below.


The opportunities for chessed, tzedakah, and connection are endless. At this time of year where joy and giving are so deeply connected, what better way to celebrate Purim with your nuclear family than by reaching out a hand to your extended family living on the frontlines? We hope by the time Purim comes, there will be no need for these organizations, but rather an idyllic giving of Mishloach Manot from one Jew to another, physically far, but forever in each other’s hearts.