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Looking To Go On An Amazing Vacation? You Must Try Kosher River Cruises

Looking To Go On An Amazing Vacation? You Must Try Kosher River Cruises

Sponsored by Kosher River Cruises


“We give everything, so guests will want for nothing.”


That is the mantra that Kosher River Cruises goes by when planning their luxury tours.


There are very few vacations that cover the entire nine yards from start to finish. When you plan a vacation, you’re always compromising on something. Well, Kosher River Cruises puts that notion to rest. Traveling with them means having it all.


  • Luxury travel accommodations. (Adios, no-legroom tour buses.)
  • Exotic locations. (Been there, done with it.)
  • Gourmet cuisine. (Canned tuna and hard salami? No, thank you.)
  • Breathtaking views. (Where has this place been all my life?)
  • Insightful lectures. (Fulfillment in every step of the trip.)


“I’m in!”





What is Kosher River Cruises?


The Kosher River Cruises are luxury river boats that sail the most enthralling rivers in the world, docking in historical towns and villages.


Every morning, after davening and breakfast, you disembark and get to explore the town, shops, historical landmarks, and more.


As the ship cruises along the river, docking in different locales each day, you get to experience a side of these locations that you’d never manage to encounter on your own.


You literally get to live through history with all your senses. As guest lecturer Rabbi Dr. Henry Abramson puts it, “It’s a journey of discovery to spend a week in a safari of time.”


You’re enveloped in history. You visit towns and villages where Jewish people lived for centuries and walk the same streets as they did. You experience the same sunrise and feel the same winds as when they populated the area. It inspires us to connect to and understand their challenges.


There’s never a dull moment with all the touring, lectures, demos, and nightly entertainment.


Imagine attending a classical concert in the castle of Richard the Lionheart at the foothills of the River Seine, in Normandy. Would you ever dream of this impossibility?


This is just a glimpse of the entertainment, touring, and quality expected on these cruises.


Kosher River Cruises is an all-inclusive combo package. If you’re the kind of person that has difficulty choosing what they want most out of a vacation, then this tour is for you.


It’s a combination of luxury with off the beaten path touring. It’s a culinary expedition so you don’t only visit places, but bask in the culture.


This cruise is seriously all-inclusive. You get unbelievable value. Find me a Jewish person that doesn’t want a good deal. Throw in a freebie and you got them dancing Hava Nagillah.



The Best Kosher Cuisine


With Chef Malcolm Greene you get an explosion of flavor as your palate does a happy dance experiencing local cuisine.


You can order a steak to your exact liking as you would in a five star restaurant. Each person’s individual requests are always catered to and exceeded.




Learn about the history of people from both a secular and Jewish perspective. 


You get to talk and engage with the local communities and learn from them. Every second is an experience.


Seriously, the most robust tour you’ll ever experience.


Highest Standards of Kashrut


Now for the biggest bonus yet, the entire boat is for members of the tour only, plus it’s all Kosher. All the kitchens, bars, buffets, etc. are strictly Kosher, adhering to the highest standards of Kashrut.


I’m sure you’re familiar with luxury cruise liners. Beautiful ships that travel the sea so you can visit insane locations. It’s a trip many dream of and remember forever. (For better or for worse.)


If you choose to travel with a cruise liner independently, you have Kosher food options. Something like kosher l’pesach airplane food in the middle of January. True story. Don’t believe me, ask Naomi Nachman, who will be joining Kosher River Cruises hosting spectacular food demos.


What’s different about this cruise is that the entire boat is Kosher. Oh and it’s a total food fest. No longer do you glance longingly at the endless buffets- here you get to dig in and enjoy.





Strategically, the tours normally start at the beginning of the week so when Shabbat comes, everyone is acclimated and knows each other well. 


These luxury river boats aren’t as enormous as cruise liners. Therefore, space is limited to about a hundred or so participants, which is an ideal amount. As a result, the group is very cohesive despite the varying backgrounds and age groups.


Shabbat is really something else. It’s a beautiful experience spending such a special day with a newly adopted extended family. Don’t think there’s no touring happening. As on every other day, over Shabbat you get to explore the local town by foot. Take your weekly walk and turn it up about ten notches.


This cruise attracts Modern Orthodox, Orthodox, and unaffiliated Jews. After all, we’re all brothers and sisters. You have everyone from retirees to families, and grandchildren being treated by their grandparents.


Lecturers and Special Guests


Rabbi Dr. Henry Abramson, guest lecturer, has a unique way of keeping everything relevant and equally fascinating for every single person. 


The tours are graced by special guests that enhance your experience. Including but not limited to, Jewish veterans, historians, chefs, and entertainers.


“I’m so excited to be on an all Kosher ship with all excursions included. Seriously get to experience everything they have to offer,” said Naomi Nachman, who will be joining. If there’s anyone that can top an already over-the-top trip, she’s the one. She will be giving cooking demos that will elevate your food experience.




As with everything on the Kosher River Cruises, perfection is a necessity. As exciting as the program is, safety is of equal importance – if not more important.


Every nitty-gritty, minute detail is attended to. Sixty-six crew members for a party of a hundred is quite the ratio.


Ready for some fascinating touring?



Upcoming Tours


  • Normandy – Seine River Cruise (France, July 6-13, 2022) Cruise the Seine River from Paris and stop at different beautiful towns commemorating the Jewish history in those places.


This 8-day River Cruise has something to offer for everyone. Explore the tragic history of the beaches of Normandy, a site that forever changed both Jewish and world history. Immerse yourself in the epic Gothic Architecture of Rouen and Rouen Cathedral, an engineering marvel that was built over a period of hundreds of years. Feast your eyes on Claude Maunet’s famous lily ponds and flowers in Giverny. Whether you’re looking to feed your body, soul or senses – this cruise is sure to satiate your appetite. 


Features Dr. Henry Abramson, Dean Touro College. The French culinary program. Wine, dine, and learn about French cuisine.


  • Italy – Venice and Northern Italy (October 24 – 31, 2022) Spend 7 days sailing the scenic Venice Lagoon.


This 8-day River Cruise through Northern Italy is a veritable cultural buffet of Jewish History in various historical cities. Fall in love with the charming seaside city of Chioggia. Tour Padua, widely considered the oldest city in northern Italy and one of its most significant in the middle ages – and once home to Galileo and Copernicus. Each stop along this unique tour is steeped in thousands of years of Jewish history and home to many historically significant figures.




Dr. Henry Abramson, Dean of Touro College, and CME program with Rabbi Edward Reichman, MD.


A culinary event with Naomi Nachman, plus a special culinary event with master Chef Malcolm Green.


  • Vietnam and Cambodia (December 26, 2022- January 5, 2023) A visit to two of the most exotic and beautiful Asian countries.


This 9-day River Cruise is of two of the countries most rich in tradition in the world, is exclusive to just 50 lucky people, and is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to observe a society unfamiliar to many. You’ll get to see ancient temples, palaces, and mountains covered in mist that belies their mysterious history. You’ll pass through colorful quaint floating markets along the Mekong River. All this while living in the lap of luxury and having your every need attended to so you can focus all your attention on the curious world around you.


Special guest historian, Dr. Jean-Michel Filippi PhD.


  • Holland and Belgium (August 21-28, 2023) A network of canals lead you through a journey of countryside charm and city life.


To most people, 8 days on a Luxury River Cruise being wined and dined seems like a wonderful adventure in itself. Although, to our guests that’s a mere bonus to an enlightening and wondrous experience as they relive millennia of Jewish history in one of the most visually stunning networks of canals snaking along regions of Belgium and the Netherlands. Keep your senses on high alert as you travel between captivating historic towns and thriving modern European cities, all while being educated on the rich Jewish history of the region. 


Joined by Dr. Henry Abramson, Dean of Touro College.


  • Rhone River Cruise (France, October 19 – 26, 2023) Explore the South of France while cruising the Rhone River amid a luxury ship.


Originating in the Swiss Alps and running through parts of Switzerland and France, the Rhone is one of the most scenic stretches of river in the world. Join us as we embark on an incredible 8-day journey that is sure to impress even the most seasoned traveler. Indescribable panoramic views are just part of the experience. On this trip you’ll learn about some truly fascinating and lesser-known aspects of the “Arba Kehilot.” Educate your mind, nourish your soul, and unleash your inner photographer as you join us on this beautiful and enlightening excursion


Features Dr. Henry Abramson, Dean of Touro College, and master Chef Malcolm Green.


  • Amazonas River Adventure (Brazil, January 22-29, 2024) One-of-a-kind cruise along the Amazon River where you discover the breathtaking beauty of Brazil’s rainforests.


As the world’s largest river by volume and second in overall length, the Amazon river ventures through the most remote parts of the Amazon rainforest and offers up an almost endless source of exploration. This 8-day cruise through the natural wonders of Brazil is an experience that will leave you breathless. Let your senses run wild as they take in the contrast between the remoteness and natural beauty of the region, while surrounded by the epitome of luxury. 


Now to end off with some fun trivia.


What’s the most popular drink at a Kosher open bar?


You’ll have to join a Kosher River Cruise to find out.