Shabbat Menu- Make Once, Eat Twice

Kosher.com Staff February 10, 2021

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I call this time of year “The 8-Week Rush—”


Purim and Pesach are on my mind, of course, plus whatever happens to fit into that time period on a given year. No complaints, especially when it’s good things, but I’m good at making lists and not as good at crossing things off, especially the big things that take large chunks of time. So I seek out the little things that can get knocked off my list easily. 

This week, we’re trying to help you cross one big(ish!) thing off your list— what to serve for Shabbat that comes in as Purim is leaving. It’s a tricky year, so we recommend freezing some things this week so that you can have as little stress as possible on Purim Friday.  

Double these for Shabbat, freeze half, (raw or cooked, whatever works for you) and you’ll have Purim Friday ready and waiting in the freezer.

Happy Cooking!


Chanie Nayman


Cauliflower and Leek Soup by Rivky Kleiman

Always looking for something new and different? This easy-to-prepare soup flavorful soup is a real winner!


Chicken with Mushroom Sauce from the Dining In Cookbook

This chicken tastes just like a veal scallopini – just less expensive to prepare! #winwin


Steak with Red Wine Glazed Carrots, Parsnips, and Mushrooms by Jamie Geller


This steak is seared for only four to five minutes on each side. Once it’s ready, slice the meat against the grain and return it to the pan for just two minutes to heat through and coat with sauce.


Best-Ever Carrot Loaf by Rivky Kleiman


This carrot loaf is a winner whether you are preparing in advance or find yourself in a bind and need a quick, no-mess side dish. You’re guaranteed no leftovers.


Sandwich Fudge Squares by Brynie Greisman

These squares are outstanding! They do take a little time, but they are so worth it. They taste even better from the freezer.