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Make A Lag B’omer Carnival For Kids! (Plus Free Carnival Signs!)

Make A Lag B'omer Carnival For Kids! (Plus Free Carnival Signs!)

Looking for a fun activity to get the kids excited about Lag B’Omer? We have just the thing!!

Have a neighborhood carnival! (Or make a small one for family in the backyard.)

The beauty of making a carnival is that you can make it as simple or elaborate as you like.

Each of the games we chose to feature are simple to put together, don’t require many purchases (some don’t require any!), and all of them are fun for a variety of ages.

We created beautiful signs for you to print out for free to make everything come to life! All you have to do is set up and have fun!

“Count The Chocolate Chips ‘n Fluff”

This game brings me back to when I was a kid. Not only is this game delicious, it’s fun (and cheap, too).

What you’ll need:

Plastic spoons
Marshmallow fluff
Chocolate chips

How to play:

Take a spoonful of fluff and press chocolate chips in the fluff. Have the player close their eyes and try to guess the number of chocolate chips in their mouth.

“Find the Pennies”

I love this game because there’s no purchase necessary. Everything needed is already right in the house.

What you’ll need:

Baking flour
A big container (a mixing bowl or metal pan can work too)
A bunch of pennies

How to play:

Empty the flour into the container and hide coins inside. Whoever finds all the pennies wins!

“Pepsi or Coke”

We all know this game. Coke and Pepsi taste so similar…or do they?

What you’ll need:

Large bottle of Coke
Large bottle of Pepsi
Plastic cups

How to play:

Pour some Coke in a cup, and some Pepsi into another cup. Whoever guesses which drink is which wins!

“Ring Toss”

We’ve all seen this game at carnivals and fairs. It may look easy, but it takes concentration and patience. This game is great for older kids.

What you’ll need:

Crate or box to keep the bottles/cones from falling over
Cones (you can use bottles with narrow tops)

How to play:

Have everyone stand behind the line and toss the rings over the cones. Whoever gets the most rings around the cones wins.

“Guess How Many Gumballs”

All you need is a jar and items to fill it with. We love using candy or some sort of treat for the winner to take home, but feel free to use any items you have around the house. Some ideas are pom poms, beads, and coins.

What you’ll need:

A large glass jar
Items to fill the jar

How to play:

Everyone takes a guess at how many items are in the jar. The player who guesses the right amount, or comes closest to the right amount, wins!

“Potato Sack Race”

For a more energetic game, try a potato sack race!

What you’ll need:

Potato sacks or pillowcases

How to play:

Set up “start” and “finish” lines. Whoever can hop, in their sack, to the finish line first wins!

“Tic-Tac-Toe Toss”

This game is a classic. Only this time, it’s made to be more challenging by having to toss a bean bag on the spot you want.

What you’ll need:

12 bean bags
Tic-Tac-Toe Board (made from poster paper and markers)

How to play:

Give each player six bean bags. Try to win against your opponent by throwing bean bags on the tic tac toe board. Whoever gets three in a row first, wins. If a bean bag is tossed on top of another player’s bean bag, the first bean bag counts, and the second is removed. (You can also play this with just one player. They have three chances to get three in a row.)

“Penny Drop”

This game might look easy, but don’t be fooled. It’s actually pretty tricky (which makes it so much fun)!

What you’ll need:

A large container
A small jar or glass
Pennies (lots of them!)

Fill the container about 3/4 full with water, then fill the jar with pennies (to anchor the jar) and water, and place into the container of water. Make sure the jar is well under the water (at least 6 inches from the surface).

How to play:

Players place a coin in the water and let it go. If the coin lands inside the glass, they win!

Smaller jars will make the game harder. Larger jars will make the game easier.

“Face Painting”

This is just an added fun activity to make the carnival even more festive!

What you’ll need:

Face paint

There you have it! 9 fun games to get everyone in the festive, Lag B’omer mood!

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