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Meet Our Community Chef: Sheindy Unger

Kosher.com Staff April 26, 2023

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We have thousands of recipes from published cookbooks, magazines, and celebrities, but here at Kosher.com one of our goals is to shine a light on the future rising stars of the kosher foodie world. So we’ve opened up our site to anyone who cooks – whether for a food blog, Instagram, or just for family and friends! We call them our community chefs.

Kosher.com community chefs are a key part of the Kosher.com experience, contributing to what makes our site the most diverse collection of all types of kosher recipes.

Our community chefs have their own page of recipes and or articles with links to their personal platforms; are featured in our email newsletters, Instagram feed, and stories; and their own special article introducing them to our audience.

Do you want to become a community chef? Learn more about the program and how to apply HERE!

Without further ado, meet Sheindy Unger!

How did you get into cooking and baking?

Ever since I can remember, I loved the kitchen, and getting into the habit of healthy eating really got me to hone my skills. Creating tasty recipes using whole ingredients gives me great satisfaction. We really can enjoy delicious tasting foods that are healthy too. With every recipe that I share, I’m proving that point!

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?

Without thinking twice, it’s the garlic press. Garlic adds great flavor and at the same time it’s health promoting. Every recipe that calls for garlic is an opportunity for an immunity boost, and who can’t use that? Garlic is a natural antibiotic and prebiotic. This is a habit I learned from my mother. As a young girl I went fruit shopping and bought a bag full of garlic heads. The cashier asked me if we were making a pidyon haben.

How do you find the time to work on your recipes?

I actually surprise myself by how I manage to find the time. I try new recipes all the time, instead of making familiar ones. My family gets a very varied menu, with new and different foods on a regular basis. One habit that I find crucial is planning a basic weekly menu and stocking the ingredients needed. Once the ingredients are in the house, half the work is done.

How would you describe your cooking style?

My style is mostly quick and easy. Most of my recipes require single step preparation. I look to make healthy cooking doable for everyone. Somehow, frozen meals is considered a spontaneous supper, even though it needs to be taken out of the freezer and heated up. Making a vegetable based dish can be just as quick, yet we consider it a patchka. I believe the reason for this is simply habit, and we can switch that. This is my goal with my recipes.

Where do you get inspiration for your recipes?

I get inspiration from our regular foods. I simply upgrade every recipe to a healthier version. For every new trendy recipe, I’ll look to revise it to suit my needs. For example, my recipes contain no added sweetener (although it is allowed on my program). I’ll substitute a sweetener with whole dates, or switch white vinegar for apple cider vinegar for a sweeter flavor, etc. My clients’ requests are also the inspiration for some of my recipes.

Do you have a signature dish?

May I answer soup? All types. I email blast a recipe every week and every so often it’ll be another soup recipe. Soup is a great filler. Eat it with a spoon or drink it from a cup, and for the kids, give it to them with a straw. Soup makes it easy to consume more veggies.

What are your favorite recipes on kosher.com?

That’s a tough question to answer. Kosher.com is overflowing with enticing recipes – it would be hard to choose one as a favorite. As much as I cook healthy, I don’t expect my children to follow my program. When I see a good dish that they’ll enjoy I make it for them. Kosher.com supplies recipes for every season and every culture. Whatever it is I’m looking for, I’m sure to find it on Kosher.com.

What are your favorite cooking videos?

Surprisingly, I’m not familiar with cooking videos. I do enjoy Rorie Weisberg’s recipes, though. A popular recipe with my clients is her date biscotti. It suits my program requirements perfectly.

What is your favorite cookbook?

I’m frantically looking for a cookbook that suits my program, so far unsuccessfully. What do you do when you can’t find what you’re looking for? You create it! I have a great compilation of recipes and I’m happy to share it. You can buy my brand new book here!

Do you have a favorite ingredient?

My favorite ingredient is spices. When food is spiced well, there’s no need for added unhealthy ingredients. If you’d like to cook more healthfully, expand your spice collection. In addition to the great flavor, many spices are rich in nutrients. For example, turmeric contains curcumin which has powerful anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. When a recipe calls for an unfamiliar spice, don’t hesitate to go ahead and buy it.

What advice can you offer first-time cooks?

A few minutes of planning and prepping can save you lots of time. Before you go to bed, take a minute to think about the next day’s menu. Taking the chicken from the freezer to the fridge will give you a head start on your cooking. If you’re planning to make a soup, peel the vegetables the night before. These little tips can make your cooking so much more efficient. And most of all, cook with heart. Food that’s made with love is more nourishing!

You can view all of Sheindy’s delicious recipes here.