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Meet The “Shabbat Box”: A Must-Have When Traveling Over Shabbat

Meet The “Shabbat Box”: A Must-Have When Traveling Over Shabbat

When it comes to going away for Shabbat to a place that’s not kosher, we always remember to bring the obvious things, like food.


It’s the little things we forget.


That’s why Instacart.com is my best friend. Sometimes I’ll even make an order to our rental’s address before we get there so I’ll know the kids have a snack waiting for them.


And that’s also why I now have, stationed in my garage, a trusty box I call my Shabbat Box.



My Shabbat Box is where I keep all those little things I know I might forget – and that I would be lost without. And when we come home after a trip with one of the box “ingredients” running low, I try to restock as soon as I can.



What’s in the Box?


Go through my box (like I did to put this article together) and here’s what you’ll find.


  • Plastic cups
  • Coffee cups
  • Plastic kiddush cups (these come in a 10-pack, and every time we go away, we use one over Shabbat, then throw it out)
  • Elegant Shabbat paper goods
  • Basic weekday paper goods
  • Sharp kitchen knife
  • Challah knife
  • A couple of metal serving spoons
  • Big disposable salad bowls (I use these there, then throw them out)
  • Garbage bags
  • Plastic tablecloths
  • Ziplocs, sandwich-size and extra-large
  • Cutting board (this is absolutely essential)
  • Tin foil (though I find they sometimes have there)
  • Mini mayonnaise container (stays fresh in my cold garage in the winter)
  • Matches
  • Challah cover
  • Besamim for havdalah
  • Salt
  • Tea lights
  • Havdalah candle



I hope this list helps you set up your own Shabbat Box, because mine has been a game changer.


Safe kosher travels!