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Mom Knows Best – Readers Share Wise Advice From Their Moms

Mom Knows Best – Readers Share Wise Advice From Their Moms

By: Esther Pransky, Lubicom Marketing Staff


In honor of Mother’s Day (coming up on Sunday, May 10, btw), we asked our Instagram followers and staff members to send in the best advice they got from their moms.


We got answers on all topics ranging from cooking to beauty to family and more. And now we’re celebrating moms everywhere by sharing this treasure trove of life wisdom with you.


We think you’ll hear your mom’s voice in your head as you read through our list. We know we did!




1.  Things can wait – don’t stress. Enjoy spending time with the little ones – they grow up too quickly.

2.  My mom did lots of prep before Yom Tov, so once we came to stay, she was readily available to enjoy us.

3.  Shower them with kindness.

4.  Always stay close to family.

5.  Always make your home a heartwarming and comforting place for your family.

6.  Make your guests feel welcome and comfortable.

7.  Don’t go to bed angry.




8.   Clean as you go.

9.   Spray oil on things before you warm them up on Shabbos day to keep them moist.

10. When you are not sure what to make for dinner, start with an onion. The rest will come.

11. Stay organized and plan thoroughly before starting a recipe.

12. Taste before you serve.

13. Never try a new recipe for company.

14. What you leave at night will be there when you wake up (like dirty dishes.)


15. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

16. Always be kind.

17. What your eyes see, your mouth doesn’t have to speak.

18. Sharing means caring.

19. Always smile and be friendly. It’s very easy to be nice to others.

20. Never be judgmental.

21. Always mind your manners.

22. Don’t believe everything you hear.

23. You can’t please everyone.

24. Don’t do or say anything you will regret later.

25. Never stoop to other people’s levels. Show them you’re above that.

26. Small, kind gestures go a long way.

27. Always send a thank-you note.

28. When in doubt, don’t!

29. Never show up as a guest empty handed.


Finding Happiness

30. Always be positive.

31. Always remember to celebrate life.

32. Whatever you do, be happy, and do the right thing.

33. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

34. Things can always be worse. Appreciate all the little things you have.

35. Approach life with a sense of humor. To this day, my mom always makes us laugh.

36. Do what makes you happy.




37. Always keep a loose fitted dress in your closet.

38. Always take off your makeup before bed.

39. Stand up straight and have good posture – looking confident is always beautiful.




40. Go for fruit when you’re craving something sweet.

41. Go outside often and enjoy nature.

42. Treat yourself.

43. Practice self-care.

44. Never be selfish, but do what’s best for you.



45. Be yourself – an original is worth more than a copy.

46. You can do anything you want to do.

47. Never be embarrassed when doing something right.

48. Always try new things.

49. Never pass up an opportunity to learn a new skill.

50. Always be confident in who you are.


There you have it. Fifty wise words from moms all over. And we’re sure that you could add at least 50 more from your own mom.


So, when you’re picking out your (electronic?) Mothers’ Day card or ordering Mom a face mask in her favorite color, also take a moment to appreciate all the gifts she’s given you.


And take a moment to appreciate having a mom – the greatest gift of all.