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Moving Toward Mindfulness

Moving Toward Mindfulness

Change your life. Join the movement toward mindfulness.


Hi, I’m Rorie, health coach, founder of Full ‘n Free, recipe developer, and food writer. As a Jew, thinking before I eat is a part of my heritage. Before I put a bite of food into my mouth, I need to stop and think: Is it kosher? Is it meat or dairy? What blessing do I say on it?


Mindfulness, while very much in vogue right now, has always been a Jewish ideal. It allows us to elevate our eating to something meaningful.


During times of loss, the Jewish people turn inward and reflect; seeking growth and change in response to tragedy. Right now, many in our community are reeling from multiple tragedies over the past few weeks, many of which have touched us personally. As a close friend of Danielle Renov, @peaslovencarrots on Instagram, who tragically lost her infant son, I felt as if these sad events were a call to action.


The question that I and the staff at Kosher.com have been asking ourselves is “What can we do?” With the pain fresh in our hearts, how can we respond to the tragedies, grow personally, and uplift others?


Together, we came up with an answer—and we’d like to invite you to join us! It’s a movement of growth and inspiration, Moving toward Mindfulness.


Mindfulness can mean a lot of different things beyond its basic meaning, which is a sense of awareness of yourself in the world and consciousness of your actions and environment. It’s also often used to talk about meditation, reflection, self-care, and related concepts.


Mindfulness can be applied to all areas of life, but it can be especially powerful when talking about food. 


As a network of food bloggers, we’d like to take a journey with our followers, moving together toward mindfulness and spirituality. Together, we will grow and support one another.


The 10 day initiative “Moving toward Mindfulness” will take place from April 24-May 3, ending on Lag B’omer, which is also the shloshim (30 day mark) of Danielle’s son, Yaakov Refael Renov A”H, and the end of the mourning period of Sefirat HaOmer.


Sefirat HaOmer (the period of 7 weeks between Passover and Shavuot) has been a time of somber reflection for over two thousand years, commemorating many tragedies in Jewish history during this time. It’s traditionally a time when Jews try to work on themselves, overcome negative habits and grow spiritually.



Participating in the movement is simple, and requires making one small but significant change in your life, a resolution that brings more mindfulness into the act of eating.


When you register for Moving toward Mindfulness, we’ll provide you with a list of resolution ideas, but ultimately, you may choose any personal resolution that is right for you.


We want your participation no matter who you are or what your religious affiliation may be.



How It Works:


Once you register, we’ll send a list of suggested mindfulness resolutions for you to choose from, things like eating only while seated or saying a specific blessing with intent, as well as other suggestions. You are also welcome to write your own mindfulness resolution. You will get a downloadable you can print to remind yourself of your resolutions.


Over the 10 days of the initiative, you will get emails with inspirational content to help you stay committed. We’ll also host live mindfulness talks on the @kosherdotcom Instagram story (the videos will be posted on Kosher.com afterward for later viewing) and related cooking demos here on kosher.com.


Part of eating mindfully is to plan ahead (as I always say, “Failing to plan is planning to fail!”). It’s too easy to grab unhealthy processed snacks to get you through a busy workday.


The Sunday before we start, on April 22nd, I will be doing a prep session on @kosherdotcom’s Instagram to help you prepare healthy, nutritious meals so you can make mindful choices during the program.



Looking forward to a time of healing, growth, and hope.

-Rorie and the team at Kosher.com


You can register for Moving Toward Mindfulness right here.