Must-Have Backyard Furniture and Accessories for the Summer

Esther Pransky June 12, 2023

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If your summer plans are up in the air, you’re not alone.

A lot of us might not be getting away the way we usually do. Which means this summer is the PERFECT time to invest in backyard accessories that can turn your outdoor space into an enjoyable retreat.

It may not replace Disney or Israel or Bubby’s house, but it’ll help create fond memories of your at-home summer.

Hammock: $25 – $100

It’s got to be the classic picture of summer relaxation: swinging in the hammock for a quick nap or a long read. Hammocks aren’t expensive, and you have a choice of hanging it between trees or buying a model with a stand.

Features to look for:

– Washable fabric

– High weight capacity

– Weatherproof

Misting system: $30 – $50

Yes, summer in the city is hot. Misting systems produce water mist (right?), which absorbs the heat and cools the surrounding air – and whoever jumps into the mist. For a small investment, you keep your outdoor space pleasant and thrill the kids.

Features to look for:

– Length of the misting line

– Flexible, UV resistant tubing

– Leak-proof connectors

Outdoor fire pit: $40 – $150

Marshmallows on a stick. Hot dogs on a stick. Anything warm and crispy on a stick. A fire pit gives you a quick and safe way to enjoy campfires this summer.

Features to look for:

– a spark screen for safety

– a rain cover is a plus to prevent water damage and rust

Slackline: $50 – $80

Slacklining means balancing along a narrow, flexible piece of webbing, which is hung low to the ground between two trees. It’s like a tightrope, but a little easier. A slackline can give you and your kids HOURS of fun exercise as you build your skills.

Features to look for:

– Meets safety standards

– Training line

– Arm trainers

– Tree protectors

Landscape speakers: $60 – $200

Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy your time outside with your favorite music? You can. There’s a wide variety of wireless speakers made for outdoor use.

Features to look for:

– Number of speakers in the set

– Bluetooth compatible

– Solar-powered

– Camouflage design

Cooler table: $75 – $150

What’s a cooler table? It’s a table + ice bucket combo. Fill the bottom with ice, and you have a convenient place to store cold drinks. Serve food and drinks on the tabletop.

Features to look for:

– Adjustable post height

– Solid construction

– Ice cooler capacity

Outdoor waterfall wall: $75 – $400

Imagine the serenity of lying in your hammock (see above) and relaxing to the sound of gently running water. Outdoor waterfall walls are a calming and beautiful addition to your backyard.

Features to look for:

– Lighting

– Large water capacity

– Heavy, stable base

Wooden Adirondack chairs: $80 – $200

Adirondack chairs are another summer classic. And wood won’t feel as hot as plastic or metal in the heat of the sun. Sit back, close your eyes, and imagine you’re somewhere far, far away.

Features to look for:

– Folds for storage

– Solid construction

– Weatherproof

Raised garden bed: $100 – $250

This summer is your chance to start the gardening hobby you’ve always dreamed about. A gardening box lets you start small and be able to move your garden as needed.

Features to look for:

– Ergonomic design

– Rot-resistant

– Easy assembly

Zipline: $100 – $300

If your family is the active, adventurous type, a zipline is exactly what you need for your backyard. Adults, you can try it, too.

Features to look for:

– Meets safety standards

– Zipline length

– Zipline seat

– Spring brake

Swinging bench: $150 – $400

Swinging benches are perfect for DMCs on lazy summer afternoons or watching the fireflies at night.

Features to look for:

– Adjustable canopy

– Comfy cushions

– Sturdy construction

– Easy to assemble

New patio furniture: $150 – $1500

If patio furniture brings plastic chairs and wire tables to mind, think again. Today’s patio furniture is both chic and comfy. You can choose colors, fabrics, and styles.

Features to look for:

– A table for meals

– Easy to assemble

– Easy to clean

– Number of seats

– Thickness of cushions

Inflatable movie screen: $200 – $700

Break out the popcorn! Sure, it’s the same old movie, but it’s a whole new experience on a giant, inflatable outdoor screen.

Features to look for:

– Screen size

– Adequate tethers

– Blower

Outdoor fire pizza oven: $250 – $400

Fresh pizza from a fire oven is completely different than warming up frozen pizza in your toaster oven. Your kitchen doesn’t have room for a dedicated pizza oven, but maybe your backyard does.

Features to look for:

– Lightweight

– Oven size

– Heats up quickly

Gazebo: $200 – $1000

Go for the gold with a backyard gazebo. Gazebos offer privacy from your neighbors and protection from bugs, sun, and rain.

Features to look for:

– Privacy screens or mosquito netting

– Size

– Sturdy construction

– UV block

– Fade-resistant

– Vented roof

– Easy to assemble

Have fun! Make memories.

Lounge Chair Swing: $230

A new way to hammock, this lounger takes up little room, and requires no trees! It also has a canopy which provides shade for extra relaxation.

Features to look for:
– Weight capacity
– Dimensions
– Storage options