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60+ Kid-Approved Recipes for the 9 Days

60+ Kid-Approved Recipes for the 9 Days

Let’s face it, kids are picky eaters. Now throw in the limitations of the Nine Days and meal planning can feel like an impossible task.

Lucky for you, we’re here to help! We’ve collected over 50 recipes that we know your kids will love! From cheesy bbq mock meat pizza and salmon sub sliders, to cauliflower poppers and skillet lasagna!

Try browsing through the recipes below with your little ones. Getting them involved in even the smallest way will help create excitement around dinner time.

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  1. Falafel Platter by Brynie Greisman
    Why make falafel if you can easily buy it? First of all, these taste amazing, and are healthier. Second, it costs a fraction of what it costs in the stores, and finally, it’s a really fun activity for a family dinner. What’s more — these mini falafel patties freeze well, but you probably won’t have any left!
  2. Sneaky Mom Vegetable Lasagna by Sarah Lasry
    To get myself and my daughter to eat more veggies and less pasta, I tweaked my famous Tastebuds lasagna a few years back. Instead of having three layers of the creamiest delicious cheese mixture between noodles and sauce, I made one layer all veggies.For me that veggie layer takes away some of the guilt I have for eating my own two portions. And I can justify it all by saying I had my daily intake of veggies. And the truth is, the veggies purée (usually a combo of what I have left in the fridge—fresh, and some frozen options) adds tremendous depth of flavor to an already awesome recipe.

  3. Taco Board with 15-Minute Vegetarian Chili by Sarah LasryThis no-brainer recipe uses my favorite shortcut. Secret ingredient: baked beans and canned beans. They make for the fastest chili. If you want you can also make this dairy or meaty with serving a side of nacho cheese or shredded cheese, or you can toss in some chopped meat.It takes legit 15 minutes to make this chili. Add some tacos and all the fixings, throw it on a sheet pan, and bring it out to the backyard porch. Dinner is served. And it doesn’t even have to be a Tuesday.
  4. Cheesy Garlic Buns by Chanie Nayman
  5. Cauliflower Latkes by Beth Warren
  6. Easy Pizza Babka by Nechama Norman
    Everyone’s favorite classic pizza flavors, served up in a fresh new way! This is a great recipe to prepare with kids. They’ll love to mix up the cheese mixture, spread it on the dough, and help to squish the rolls into the pans.
  7. Ratatouille Lasagna Rolls by The Peppermill
    A new twist on a classic pasta dish makes this party-worthy!
  8. Heavenly Pasta Bake by Faigy Grossman
    I couldn’t believe what a cinch this was to prepare. Without dirtying a pot, you get a delicious, steaming baked ziti with a yummy, cheesy flavor and no cleanup required!
  9. French Onion Tomato Soup from the Dining In Cookbook
    There are soup lovers who would give a fortune for this recipe. You don’t have to, so dig in and enjoy!
  10. Crispy Mexican “Cheese Dogs” by Chavi Feldman
  11. Fish and Chips by Brynie Greisman
    This tastes like the real thing! I subbed sweet potatoes for white potatoes and baked the fish and chips in the same pan for easy cleanup. It may not be the conventional English way to do it, and I’m sure some Brits will take umbrage at the idea, but it’s a lot healthier, and the taste and texture are not compromised at all. You will have to double the recipe, it’s that good!
  12. Hummus Board (with Half-Homemade Hummus) by Sarah Lasry
    This is a total cheat board. There’s almost no recipe because you can use store-bought hummus. Cut up the veggies (I do Israeli style), add the feta, drizzle some olive oil and warm up the pita. The end. But because I love to make homemade hummus when I can, here is my cheat.
  13. Chipotle BBQ Pulled Carrot Sloppy Joe Sliders by Danny SeoWhen you make your own BBQ sauce—which is much easier than you might think—you can control the spice and sweetness level. Any leftover sauce can be stored in an airtight jar in the refrigerator to be used later. Also, sweet potatoes and squash are great alternatives to carrots.
  14. Cheesy BBQ Mock Meat Pizza by Estee Kafra
    A fantastic blend of flavors that will satisfy all meat lovers and pizza lovers at once. For all you “fleishaphobians” out there, and lovers of artisan pizza, this one is for you.
  15. Fish ‘n Chips by Chayie Schlisselfeld
    The baked flounder has crispy breading yet a moist interior. Paired with sweet potato chips and an easy homemade tartar sauce, fish and chips is a great supper everyone at your table will enjoy.
  16. Mock-o-roni (Cauliflower Mac ‘n Cheese) by Rorie WeisbergWant a healthier version of mac-and-cheese that comes together even faster than the original? Try Rorie’s Mock-o-Roni. You won’t miss those elbow noodles one bit! The kids will love it too! It’s the perfect new dairy recipe to try this year. Simple and quick, and definitely delicious!Watch how quickly this comes together here!
  17. Garlic Knot Pizza Muffins by Michal Frischman
    Originally, I made these as plain pizza muffins, which were cute in shape, but boring in taste. Turning the pizza base into a garlic knot turns up the fun and flavor! If you’re not a huge garlic fan, just use a little less of the mixture in the dough, but don’t leave it out – it’s what makes these muffins extra delicious!
  18. Mozzarella Stick Salad by Brynie GreismanI first tasted a version of this salad at my daughter-in-law Shoshi’s home. I go for a very well-seasoned salad that literally dazzles my palate. She graciously shared the recipe, and when she got to the oil, she apologetically said, “You can change it and do it your way.” She knows me already!I cut down the oil considerably, redid the salad ingredients, and added baked (not fried) mozzarella sticks, à la Shavuos. Feel free to vary the veggies and do it “your way.” You can add cubed Feta cheese too.The dressing can be made in advance, and there is no need to use a food processor. Altogether a real pleasure to make and savor.

  19. Baked Cauliflower Burgers by Lukas Volger
    Here, capers and Dijon mustard highlight mellow cauliflower’s subtle flavor. Serve with a slice of cheese for something richer; or for a lighter lunch, season with a squeeze of lemon, a sprinkling of sea salt, and a few grinds of black pepper and serve on a big, fluffy kaiser roll.
  20. Orange Flounder by Michal Frischman
    Until very recently, I was a one-oven kind of girl, and dairy cooking during the Nine Days was done exclusively in my toaster oven or on my stovetop. I still find that the stovetop is the way to go for certain flaky fishes, including flounder. This one is light, fragrant, and delicious.
  21. Caesar Salad with Cheese Toasts by Nechama Norman
    This is a great Caesar salad with a twist. If you have ever been in Israel long enough, you know what toast is: any regular sandwich toasted in a panini machine – hence the name toast. I once went out with a friend and tasted a salad similar to this. I wanted to come up with something equally delicious, relatively easy to throw together, and a little different in presentation. I used wraps instead of bread to make this component Mezonos, so that the salad is suitable anytime, not only for shalosh seudos.
  22. Margherita Pizza on Focaccia by Sina Mizrahi
    Soft, airy focaccia is the perfect backdrop for this classic flavor combination. It’s so quick and delicious, you might give up on making actual pizza.
  23. Crispy Dairy Potatoes by Faigy Grossman
    It’s hard to find filling meals for the nine days that aren’t cream-laden. This is a perfect side for fish; it’s delicious and not too creamy.
  24. Hasselback Baguette by Victoria Dwek and Leah Schapira
    A cute presentation for grilled cheese sandwiches. They’ll be so excited to pull apart their own sandwich, they might not even object to the sautèed vegetables you snuck in there.

  25. Onion Soup Ravioli by Michal Frischman
    Onion soup is classic break-the-fast food in our house, but I’m not always in the mood of soup in the heat of summer, so this is my compromise. You can easily make the sauce ahead and just cook the ravioli when you’re ready to go.
  26. Gnocchi in Tomato Cream Sauce by Sam Adler
    This dairy indulgence is gnocchi at its best.
  27. Mexican Quesadillas by Jamie Geller
    It is hard to find good kosher Mexican food. I got so tired of looking that I decided to make it myself. Quesadillas are a great light appetizer. You can fill them with almost anything.
  28. Tomato-Parmesan Quiche by Marilyn Ayalon
    The quiche uses a classic pie crust, called pâte brisée, which has a melt-in-your-mouth texture. Since the dough freezes well, I always make a double recipe: one for immediate use, and the other to put in the freezer, already rolled out and wrapped well in plastic wrap.
  29. Ginger-Teriyaki Salmon by Sina Mizrahi
    This asian-flavored salmon is the perfect recipe when you’re in the mood for an asian style salmon dish. This recipe takes just minutes to prepare, doesn’t require any advance marinating and comes out moist and delicious every time! You’ll be sure to reach for this recipe again and again!
  30. Wraps with Grilled Portobello, Feta Cheese, and Pesto by Brynie Greisman
    This wrap pairs the earthy flavor of the portobellos with the mild salty feta cheese and robust green-olive pesto. A winner by all standards.
  31. Pizza Quiche by Chayie Schlisselfeld
    Who says being a grown-up means you can never eat pizza? Enjoy this delicious “crossover” dish guilt-free, as it is also low in fat.
  32. Adjaruli Khachapuri- Cheese and Egg-Filled Pies by Janna GurWhen I was ten, still living in the Soviet Union, I went with my family for a vacation in Abkhazia, a province of Georgia. The memories that I retain from that trip are all sensory: the sharp, cool scent of cilantro that grew everywhere, the musky aroma of ripe figs, and the taste of a crusty cheesy pie our Jewish landlady baked for us. Many years later, when I bit into a khachapuri in a Georgian bakery at Mahane Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, memories from that long-forgotten holiday came rushing back to me.Georgian cuisine arrived in Israel during the 1970s with a large wave of immigration from the Soviet Union, but for a long time this unique cuisine, merging influences from neighboring Russia, Turkey, and Armenia, remained a secret known only to the somewhat secluded Georgian community. It took two decades and some good Georgian restaurants and bakeries for the Israelis to discover it, and one of the first foods that got noticed was boat-shape khachapuri pies. The original recipe calls for sulguni, a Georgian cheese with a texture similar to mozzarella but with a salty-sour flavor. Here it is replaced by a combination of aged mozzarella and good feta.
  33. Kickin’ Salsa Pasta by Chanie Nayman
    If you like food jam-packed with flavor, this is for you. It’s kid friendly and can be dressed up for adults by adding in sautéed vegetables. But I always find that adults seem to peek over at the kiddie table and wish they had their menu plan!
  34. Tangy Tilapia Tacos by Chavi Feldman
    My siblings and I recently took our mother to a popular dairy restaurant to celebrate her 70th birthday. I ordered a dish similar to the recipe below, and I just had to recreate it! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  35. Mexican Street Corn Bowl by Naomi Hazan
    Mexican street corn is typically cooked over an outdoor grill and served on the cob. I’m making things super EASY with this Mexican street corn bowl, topped with crumbly feta cheese and a sprinkle of chili! Prepared in under 10 minutes, this baby is spicy, tangy, creamy, and mess-free!
  36. Skillet Lasagna with Mushrooms & Mozzarella by Nina SafarWhile I love a hearty lasagna, I am far from thrilled at the thought of boiling noodles, having to assemble the dish, and then waiting for it to bake. When I think of a recipe, I like to strip it down to the essentials. What does it really need to taste good? Everything else is optional and depends on how much energy I have.What I love about this recipe is that it has the familiar flavors of the classic, but without the fuss. I cooked my veggies, noodles, sauce and cheese all in one pot. No baking. No mess. This is the perfect weeknight dinner. Serve with a fresh garden salad and toasted garlic bread.
  37. Li’l Stuffed French Toasts by Shaina Olmanson
    French toast is made even more irresistible thanks to a lovely blueberries-and-cream filling. The crumbly cornflake-macadamia nut coating adds a sweet flavor and light and crunchy texture to these tiny stuffed treats.
  38. Baked Eggplant Parmesan “Fries” with Dipping Sauce by Chavi Feldman
    Who doesn’t love eggplant parmesan? I’m not trying to convince you that these baked fries taste exactly like their calorie-laden cousin. Not even close! But munching on them can easily squelch that craving, especially when paired with this “fake-it” version of a homemade marinara dipping sauce!
  39. Broccoli Onion Potato Layers by Chanie Nayman
  40. Cauliflower Poppers by Esther Ottensoser
    Substitute breaded cauliflower in place of chicken to make these delicious, zesty Cauliflower Poppers!
  41. Lazy but Crispy Fish by Kim Kushner
    I call this “lazy fish” because it’s the perfect recipe to make on a lazy day. You aren’t the only one who gets tired of cooking, trust me. This recipe has become a weekly staple in my household. Choose any thick-fleshed fish fillet you like, coat it with a simple crumb topping, and roast it for no more than several minutes. The golden crumbs include a mixture of cornflake crumbs, panko, lemon, and a hint of sun-dried tomato. This is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Serve it with a tossed salad and dinner is set. I love making this dish for a party because it doesn’t take long to prepare and everyone likes it. You can make the crumbs ahead of time and store them in the fridge, so they are set to go when you need them. Then pick up some fresh fish and you’re ready to roll.
  42. Salmon Sub Sliders by Brynie Greisman
    Canned salmon, punched up with shallots and mustard, make up these savory sliders. The piquant dressing and sliced veggies complete this sensational sandwich.
  43. Cowboy Beans by Nechama NormanMy sister-in-law Chaya Leah leads a very busy life as a mom, wife, and ultrasound technician. She has a long commute to work and a large crowd with hearty appetites to feed when she gets home.This favorite go-to meal suits her busy lifestyle. She makes a large amount in a pareve pot and freezes it in batches. She then has the option of serving chili burgers or chili hot dogs, or incorporating the beans into a dairy dinner, as shown here.
  44. Summer Nachos by Victoria Dwek
    I really had trouble taking credit for this addictive dish because the produce is so naturally sweet, I didn’t need to add much (only in the summertime!).
  45. Macaroni and Cheese Casserole from the Nitra Cookbook
    Here’s a really simple way to elevate your standard mac-and-cheese lunch or dinner.
  46. Free! – Zucchini Burrito Boats by Ruth Bendkowski
    While scrolling through Pinterest I stumbled across a recipe for stuffed zucchini boats with a Mexican twist…and I realized, “Hey…I can easily adapt this recipe to make ‘burritos’ for my gluten-free clients.” They instantly became a favorite. These burrito boats are both nice enough to serve for company, and easy enough to enjoy on a weeknight as a meal.
  47. Salmon Burgers by Beth Warren
    A great alternative to the hamburger, this burger is a great way to try a salmon dish. Serve on buns or over salad.
  48. Fish Taco Lettuce Cups by Michal Frischman
    My sister Brina is all about lettuce cups these days, and she inspired this appetizer. I take the easy way out and use storebought fish seasoning, but feel free to make your own. Everything can be made ahead, but the salmon is best served warm.
  49. Tomato Soup with Cheese Croutons by Efrat Libfroind
    Try this recipe for rich dairy tomato soup from scratch – not a can in sight.
  50. Vegetable-Stuffed Shells with Creamy Cheese Sauce by Chavi Feldman
  51. Empanadas with Eggplant and Feta Cheese Filling by Clara Fatal
    These empanadas have a spectacular filling of roasted eggplant and cheese. You’ll enjoy every blissful bite.
  52. Tuna-Melt Pizza by Chavi Feldman
    Whenever I serve pizza for supper, I always feel that it’s not really a well-balanced meal, because there isn’t enough “real” protein involved. Problem solved! Adding a layer of tuna salad to this homemade dough not only makes this pizza delicious but also provides the benefit of sneaking in the missing protein, creating a truly nutritious meal!
  53. Lentil Sloppy Joe Stuffed Sweet Potatoes by Sina Mizrahi
    I made this with my kids in mind. What could be better than scooping a vegetarian sloppy Joe out of a sweet potato? But I think I loved it even more than they did. It’s a meal that’s economical, tasty, and filling. The flavors complement each other so well, especially with the spiciness from the mayo.
  54. Baked Tuna Balls from the Nitra Cookbook
  55. Sushi Party by Chayie Schlisselfeld
    If your family is anything like mine, you can relate to this. Some like their “sushi” with just rice and cucumbers, while others like just plain kani, and then we have the real ambitious ones that will take some salmon and mango slices. I like to make a big sushi platter to serve for a supper that will make everyone happy. Keep the components separate so everyone can choose.
  56. Mexican Salad with Creamy Lime Dressing by Sina Mizrahi
    This salad shows up at every single gathering I make. Everyone loves it, and it’s usually the first bowl to be emptied. It’s a “must try” that deserves all the accolades — the colors are bright and vivid, as you are “eating the rainbow,” and the creamy dressing complements every component in the salad.
  57. Creamy Broccoli and Salmon Noodles by Michal Frischman
    Fresh or frozen pasta brings dinner to a totally new level. You know that amazing chewy, springy bite you get from lo mein noodles? I love it in meat dishes, but why not dairy? This comes together in about 20 minutes and is easy to customize to picky palates. The best part? It’s super creamy, but doesn’t use any heavy cream!
  58. “Pizzadillas” and Grilled Vegetable Quesadillas by Chayie Schlisselfeld
    Make the most of the last days of summer with these simple, light quesadillas for supper.
  59. Spaghetti Pizza from the Dining In Cookbook
    An alternative to the been-there-done-that baked ziti supper.
  60. Mini Vegetable-Cheese Egg Rolls by Leah Barzel
    This finger food will prove popular with adults and kids alike. Great for Kiddush or as a tantalizing appetizer.
  61. Fish Tacos by Naomi Nachman
    The term Taco Tuesday has become so popular on social media food groups that I decided to introduce it into my family for Tuesday dinners. We have made all kinds, from deli and cole slaw tacos to pizza tacos, but fish is the unanimous favorite. I set out a few choices of toppings so my kids can make their taco uniquely their own (works well for picky eaters). Add your fried or grilled fish to a warmed corn tortilla (gluten free is always a bonus) and then stuff it with your favorite fillings.
  62. Sweet Potato Burgers by Nechama Norman
    Sweet Potato Burgers are a great meat-free dinner idea!
  63. Pizza Swirls by Chayie Schlisselfeld
  64. Crustless Zucchini Cheese Quiche by Rivky Kleiman
  65. Rice and Cheese Enchiladas by Nechama Norman
    When I was growing up, my mother used to treat each of the children to special times alone with her. Sometimes it was a trip to a store, a museum, or a restaurant for lunch together. When we were living in Denver, my favorite destination was the Mediterranean Health Cafe. It was a quaint, family-run restaurant in a hip neighborhood that wasn’t too far from school. Everything that came out of that kitchen was delicious! I still crave their sugar sprinkle cookies. But my favorite dish by far was their enchiladas. While this is not their recipe, in my memory it comes pretty close.
  66. Eggplant with Cheese Filling by Chaya Lallunk
    Another luscious Middle-Eastern dish, try this for a change of pace from your usual dinner options or as a great Melaveh Malkah choice.
  67. Falafel-Inspired Wraps by Chavi Feldman
    One of my sons barely eats any protein; he’s a pizza and macaroni kind of guy. But for some reason, he actually likes chickpeas! Needless to say, I try to have them in my fridge at all times. When trying to use up some of the extra chickpeas, I came up with this delicious version of a chickpea salad. Think deconstructed falafel, without all of the frying and extra calories! Yum!
Originally published August 2019. Updated and improved July 2022.