Nitza’s Purim Pizza Feast: A Table Styling Spectacular

Nitza Loketch March 20, 2024

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Sponsored by Tuscanini

I recently had the opportunity to put my styling skills to the test with Tuscanini’s new frozen meat pizzas. My goal was to create a table fit for royalty, starring the meat pizza as the main attraction. The end result was a visually captivating and delightful Purim table that perfectly captured the essence of the holiday—a true celebration of joy and delicious food.

Butcher Paper Chic

Traditionally, Purim is all about letting loose and having fun, so I decided to infuse a bit of that vibe into the table setup. Instead of a more traditional tablecloth, I opted for rose-colored butcher paper—a simple yet effective choice that sets the stage for a playful ambiance.

Pro tips:

1. Butcher paper comes in a variety of colors, so get creative with your selection!

2. If you’re using two or more tables and want to hide any butcher paper seams, use maroon-colored cheesecloth table runners.

Place Setting Fun

Who needs traditional place settings when you can have a life-sized coloring book? Using a scalloped-edge charger as my template, I traced the outline of a place setting directly onto the butcher paper with a sharpie. It’s a fun and interactive way to engage the kids who will enjoy coloring their own settings. Plus, it’s easily adaptable to any theme or occasion—definitely worth trying at home!

Building the Foundation

Creating a visually stunning table requires careful consideration of color, texture, and height. I opted for a dark and moody palette to complement the tone of my dining room, using a mix of ornate silver and matte black serving trays to add depth and contrast. Multiple levels and tightly arranged placements create a dynamic yet cohesive display that’s both elegant and inviting. Fun fact: A lot of these vessels were originally brown wood that I spray-painted black.  

Floral and Candlelit Ambiance

No party of mine is complete without fresh florals and flickering candles! For a touch of regal sophistication, I chose florals in shades of magenta, plum, and burgundy, perfectly complemented by mauve-colored candles. The result? A feast for the senses that’s as beautiful as it is inviting.

The Grazing Table Spread

I opted for a bountiful grazing table adorned with colorful fruits and vegetables that double as decor. From kale and baguettes to overflowing bowls of grapes, every component adds to the visual feast in honor of Purim.

Interactive Pizza Delight

And now, for the star of the show—the meat pizzas! Tuscanini offers two flavors of meat pizza: Pulled Beef and Ground Beef. I displayed both with lots of topping options from sautéed mushrooms and pickled onions to sweet and savory jams. For those with refined palates, truffle and smoked sea salt add an extra layer of indulgence. Toppings are a fun and interactive way to celebrate the spirit of Purim while satisfying even the pickiest of eaters.

The Sweetest Mishloach Manot

No Purim feast would be complete without dessert, and my hamantaschen tower is sure to impress! It’s simple yet stunning—a true feast for the eyes and the taste buds. And for Mishloach Manot, I added adorable kraft paper baskets filled with chestnuts, jam, and flowers, which make for the perfect parting gift.

Purim Flair with a Twist

Last but not least, let’s not forget the pièces de résistance—decorated wig heads! An amusing and unexpected addition to the table, they add a playful touch of Purim flair that’s sure to spark conversation and laughter.

And there you have it. A Purim feast fit for royalty. I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey and gained inspiration for your own celebrations. Happy Purim!

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