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5 Life Changing Passover-Friendly Foods

Batsheva Abramsky March 21, 2018

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  1. Yehuda Watza Crackers

    Pesach Avocado Toast, anyone? You don’t need to be a millennial to enjoy this fab new product. Each Yehuda Watza Cracker serving is 50 calories, so throw on a light avocado salad or dip, and enjoy the crunch, without the guilt. Personally, I’ve been eyeing this Tomato Jicama Salad recipe. The new Tuscanini preserves look pretty yummy, too. 

  2. Haddar Egg Whites

    I don’t know about you, but I feel like Passover baking consists of endless amounts of egg whites. Besides the fact that they’re annoying to separate, what does one do with all of those yolks? Apparently, the folks at Haddar felt my pain, and have started producing ready-to-use egg whites! Life. Changed. Use these for quick and easy nut clusters, or if you’re feeling crazy, Devil Dogs. Feeling the bloat? Healthify these Broccoli Cheese Squares.

  3. Gefen Gluten Free Fusilli Pasta

    In my home, meatballs are a weeknight dinner staple, but with one twist: I serve a smaller pasta instead of spaghetti. I find it easier to eat, and the taste is the same. Meatballs with Passover “pasta” are the perfect Chol Hamoed dinner, but let’s be real; What child is happily eating zoodles?! Scoop up a package of the new Gefen Fusilli Pasta and you’re all set. Zoodles for the adults and fusilli for the kiddos. Seriously a win-win. 

  4. Pesach Trail Mix: Gefen Crispy-O’s, Gefen Coconut Chips, Gefen Dried Cranberries

    Is snacky a real word? Because that’s how I feel pretty often over Pesach. I mean, I love the holiday, but I genuinely miss my Luna bars, granola, cereal … The things that keep me going. (Plus coffee. Never forget coffee.) I had a brainstorm browsing some new Pesach products, and it’s your lucky day, because I’m sharing it right here. Combine Crispy-O’s, Coconut Chips, and Dried Cranberries, and you have yourself a hybrid snacky mix. I’m excited about this one. Use it with milk as a cereal, top yogurt with it, or throw it in a bag, and use as an on-the-go trail mix on Chol Hamoed. You can also top compote or fruit salad with this. 

  5. Gefen Gnocchi

    This might sound odd, but whenever I see a recipe I’m interested in, my brain automatically “hacks” it. That means I’ll add an imaginary component, or switch things around. When I saw this recipe for Lamb with Lemon and Mint Sauce, I automatically thought “gnocchi.” Now that would be great, but I saw this tagged as a Pesach recipe. Imagine the utter excitement when I saw the newly released Gefen Gnocchi in stores! Even if this specific recipe doesn’t speak to you, this is one of those products that you won’t regret buying. Mix it with any sauce, (the main keyword here is “any,”) and you’ve got yourself a delicious side dish. Toss in a protein and boom! Meal in a bowl.