Our Favorite Chanukah Games To Play On Shabbat

Kosher.com Staff December 7, 2023

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We love Shabbat Chanukah. There’s something extra cozy when the two come together.

We asked our staff what their favorite Chanukah games for Shabbat are. Whether you’re looking to buy a new game, or want to have fun with things from around the house, we’ve got it all below!

What games do you and your family like to play on Shabbat Chanukah? Let us know in the comments below!

Michal Frischman (Chief of Staff at Mishpacha):

I’m biased because I’m privileged to work with the incredibly talented Kichels ladies at Mishpacha, but their new game Kichel It is hysterical! My kids love the Kichels, so this one is a no brainer.

Chanie Nayman (Kosherdotcom Editor-in-Chief):

I picked up this interlocking disc set once in Amazing Savings, and it’s been a huge hit in my house. It never gets old! They take it out every few weeks, and it keeps them busy for ages. It’s great for many ages, but its my five year old’s fave.

Leah Gottheim (Kosherdotcom VP):

Bumper dreidel!
Gather as many dreidels as you can find.
Everyone sits in a big circle and the dreidels are spread in the middle of the circle so everyone can reach some dreidels.

The game starts and you have to try to get as many dreidels spinning as possible. The dreidels will probably bump into each other a lot and fall over. You have to keep picking up the ones that fall over and spin them again.

There are no points and no scores. You all have to work together as a team to keep all the dreidels in motion as best as you can until you are all laughing too hard to continue.

Rachel Kor (Kosherdotcom Managing Lifestyle Editor):

It may sound simple, but we love to get creative with gelt and dreidels in different ways.

For the dreidels we play the “hot or cold game.” We have 1 person hide the dreidels around the house, and the rest of us take turns finding them. When you get close to finding a dreidel, the person who hid it shouts “hot” (you’re SO close), “warm” (it’s nearby), or “cold” (you’re nowhere near it). Whoever finds the most wins!

Nechama Fink (Kosherdotcom Back End Management Assistant):

We like to play a Chanukah trivia game. It’s great for all ages, and one can give easier questions to the younger ones and more challenging questions to the older ones. It’s a learning experience, fun competition, and always perfect for some conversation and food for thought.