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KŌSH.com Is Our New Favorite Source For Kosher Meats And More!

Kosher.com Staff September 13, 2022

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We’re in full-on Rosh Hashanah mode here at Kosher.com, and this week we’re talking a lot about where to source the best and coolest products for the upcoming cooking marathons. Today we’re sharing the best online “shop” for incredible meats and artisanal pantry items. It’s almost like an industry secret. Only top chefs know the best sources like KŌSH.com, and now with their help, you have access too.


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So what is KŌSH?


About KŌSH.com


KŌSH was started by chefs and curators who share a passion for quality kosher food. From our Marble & Grain Black Angus Beef to our chef-curated pantry items — every product we sell is sourced directly from a producer we know, with a process we trust.


Stop by our store at kosh.com to enjoy a direct-from-the-source digital shopping experience that combines our obsessions for great food, technology and impeccable customer service.


KŌSH connects you to the best foods


Chefs get ‘inside access’ to the best products – even better than bloggers – so now you can too! Chef Yos has relationships throughout the food world – he knows these producers. KŌSH is an online specialty gourmet kosher shop… “on steroids.” We’re not limited by shelf space – we can scour the world to bring you the best kosher food products that only chefs know about!!



Shop KŌSH for Rosh Hashanah


Don’t shlep! Order online and we’ll deliver right to your door.


Delicious, special meats and specialty products to make your holiday extra special.


Rosh Hashanah Unboxing Product List


One of the things we’re proud of here at KŌSH is including cooking tips and even a basic intro to red meat butchering, so that home cooks can improve their knowledge and confidence in the kitchen. Below is an example of the kind of information you’ll find about our products on KŌSH.com.


Chuck Eye Steaks



Chuck Eye Steaks are the stuff dreams are made of–if you dream of the most marbled, richly-flavored beefy steaks imaginable, that is. Fat is where the flavor is, and these marbled steaks have some of the beefiest-tasting fat you’ll find in any of our USDA Prime Black Angus beef. Cook them on a grill or a frying pan to get a nice sear, then move to lower heat to bring the inside to your desired temperature. We like to serve these steaks with a fresh chimichurri, a few twists of freshly ground black pepper, and a generous glug of truffle-infused olive oil.


This cut comes from the Chuck, which sits atop the shoulder at the base of the neck. The chuck gets a lot of work — so would your shoulders if they were carrying a 30-pound head — so the cuts from this area tend to have a lot of connective tissue and fibers that can make them tough if not treated correctly. That means: low and slow is the name of the game for almost all the cuts from this primal.


Watch chef Yos and Bosh cook the perfect Chuck Eye Steak HERE!


Whole Brisket



Weighing in well over 10 pounds, a whole brisket is a daunting piece of beef, and all power to you if you want to cook the entire thing. We find dividing this beast into two cuts is not only more manageable but also lets you dial in the cooking method best suited to the leannes of each. Our first cut brisket is the larger of the two, available in 4½ to 8-pound portions of Black Angus pasture-raised beef, and has about as much body fat as an Olympic sprinter. This means it can easily dry out. Guard against that choosing a treatment that involves moisture, like braising — USDA Prime first cut brisket creates an outstanding pot roast. The upside to the leanness: This brisket will hold its shape for slicing, making it an ideal candidate for a corned beef recipe.


This cut comes from the Brisket Primal, which is located just above the shoulder at the front of the steer. If cattle could bench press, this is the muscle they’d use, which means it’s strong and, you guessed it, tough. Nothing a little time and heat can’t handle though: the brisket is known for producing large roasts that can be braised or smoked, giving the tight muscles a chance to relax and become tender.


Lamb Shanks



For the best braised lamb, start here. Muscles that move frequently — as this one, from the foreleg does every time our lambs roam and munch — need a long, slow cook to bring out their tenderness. Think of this like a brisket: gently braise with onions, tomatoes, pomegranate, garlic and herbs for a very flavorful treat. Serve with couscous or rice to sop up the broth.


The Lamb Shank is a hardworking primal, seeing as its involved in supporting the animal every single day. You’re definitely going to want to cook cuts from the Shank for a long time, in a lot of liquid, to let the meat relax and become tender. It’s going to be helped along by another special characteristic of this primal: collagen. The connective tissues present here are tough when seared, but turn meltingly soft when braised and add a luscious texture to the finished dish.


You can find Lamb Shank Recipes HERE.


Skirt Steak



For flavor-per-square inch, you cannot beat skirt steak. Sourced from the belly of our grass-fed, grain-finished Black Angus steer, it’s something of a diamond — or maybe ruby — in the rough: long, thin, rippled with fibers that will fight you every single chew if you treat them wrong. But the intense beef flavor… Our skirt steak, available in two-piece 1½-pound packs, is worth the effort. Part of it is how our Black Angus Marble & Grain cows are raised: in fresh air and on grass, with supplemental grain before harvest, by our co-op of small American ranches. The other part is the unparalleled umami embedded in the skirt. Quickly cooked and correctly sliced, this tough cut becomes the tender star of a Kosher skirt steak salad. It also takes very well to tenderizing marinades — citrus juices, chiles and honey create an electric skirt steak marinade — and smoky dry rubs, making it a natural in Latin-American dishes and Tex-Mex recipes.


The Rib Primal — home to some of the most celebrated steaks on the steer. The tender texture and lush marbling that makes these steak so esteemed comes from exercise, or rather, a lack of it. Unlike cuts from the leg or shoulder, for example, beef from the rib primal benefits from relative inertia, allowing the coveted fat to develop throughout the muscle. Cook it quickly and evenly so the marbling can soften and melt but not dry out.


You can find skirt steak recipes here.


Savanna Bee Original Whipped



Savannah Bee Whipped Honey Original is the cornerstone of our whipped honey line. Whipped honey is crystallized honey that’s spun until it’s creamy, smooth, spreadable, and absolutely delicious.


Blake Hill Caramelized Onion Savory Jam



Caramelizing onions with a little garlic creates a wonderfully rich, creamy taste and texture, which we then combine with our special spice blend, apple cider vinegar and brown sugar for a deliciously bold, savory jam. This special jam transforms savory dishes into an abundance of flavor! Stunning in a grilled cheese sandwich, delicious in quiches.


Orange Honey



As you open a jar of our California Orange Blossom Varietal Honey, picture yourself standing in a grove of blossoming orange trees in Southern California. The season is late spring, the sun is golden and the air is filled with a wonderful, sweet scent: citrus in bloom. No other smell in the world is as fragrant and elegant. It’s no wonder that orange blossoms are traditionally used in wedding bouquets for their association with good fortune and aphrodisiac-like qualities. With a gorgeous aroma and bouquet, this honey’s taste is true to the scent of its blossoms, and plays with notes of jasmine on a summer’s evening. Golden light shimmers through this translucent honey like California sunshine as it’s drizzled onto toast or into tea. It’s one of the finest selections in our Moon Shine Trading Company catalog; it’s classic California.


Olive Oil



This single source olive oil from third-generation family farmers at Oilala pays homage to the famous del Monte castle that stands as a beacon along the Puglia countryside outside of Andria. For five straight years, Oilala has won gold at the prestigious nyiooc, which is one of the worlds largest olive oil competitions. Over the years Oilala has also won gold in Japan, Los Angeles, and Italy. Oilala’s consistency in winning gold can give you the confidence that you will receive one of the worlds finest Extra-Virgin Olive Oils.


Not only do you get exceptional quality foods at KŌSH, you also pretty much get a lesson on how to use each product in the best way.

If you’re thinking about ordering, we recommend doing it this week. Don’t leave it to the last minute.


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