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Shabbat Menu- Asian Style

Shabbat Menu- Asian Style

Who doesn’t love a good Chinese restaurant dinner?  But, do you know how easy it is to bring those tastes and flavors to your own home? Asian cuisine has become extremely accessible nowadays and you can easily recreate almost any of your favorite Asian dishes in the comfort of your own home. 


We collected some of our favorite Asian dishes and created an entire Shabbat menu out of them. They are easy and flavorful, and we can enjoy the delicious flavors of a restaurant meal at our own Shabbat table!


Wontons in Garlic Sauce by Miriam (Pascal) Cohen



Love eating wontons at your favorite Asian restaurant? Try making these at home, you may even like them better!


Easy Hot and Sour Soup by Faigy Grossman


Experience the Asian culture with this authentic blend of exotic flavors. Warms your heart and awakens your taste buds!


Asian-Inspired Chicken Steaks by Rivky Kleiman


A little sweet, tang, and heat lend an unbelievable flavor to this tender chicken dish.


Thai Beef Noodles by Elizabeth Kurtz


This dish is really a full meal-in-one, looks like it came out of a restaurant, and tastes amazing!


Powdered Chocolate Wontons with Caramel Sauce by Esther Deutsch



This is such a gorgeous dessert to serve because it plates so beautifully and tastes amazing!