Pesach Made Possible: How to Kasher Your Kitchen for Passover

OU Kosher March 26, 2020

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Having a kosher for Pesach kitchen is just something you take for granted if you always have the same Pesach plans. But when you’re unexpectedly making Pesach for the first time, it can certainly feel daunting. But it’s actually not that hard! The OU put together this helpful series of videos to make it super easy to kasher your kitchen this Pesach—no matter what kind of kitchen you have. And for more details you can check out their How to Kasher your Kitchen for Passover page!


Introduction to Kashering Your Kitchen


Kashering your Microwave


Preparing your Fridge and Pantry for Pesach


Dishwashers and Mixers


How to Kasher an Oven


How to Kasher a Stovetop


Kashering your Sink Faucet and Hot Water Urn


Kashering Kitchen Countertops and Sinks


Kashering Utensils and Pots